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Acne Treatment Natural Skin Care Routine Pack

A natural acne treatment with an easy & quick 3 step skin care routine that will treat most skin affections by a synergistic effect of its natural ingredients.


· Acne Treatment · Natural Cream Pack

Easy 3-Step Use & Absorption

Synergistic Effect of Different Creams

Formulated only with

Ingredients based on traditional eastern and western medicine whose properties have been rediscovered by recent medical research studies.

An Acne Treatment Cream Pack formulated with ingredients that promote the natural healing processes of your skin while providing a nutrition that boosts its immunity to harmful bacteria.

These ingredients aren’t found in the majority of other cosmetic creams which contain harmful and toxic components, among their ingredients, damaging your skin long term.

Combining your acne treatment with a healthy lifestyle you will prevent the formation of new acne and get a clean, smooth skin, preventing potential acne scars.

Save 59% with The Creams Included in This 3-Step Pack

  • Acne Treatment Natural Skin Care Routine Pack
    Creams included in the pack. Save 60%

All of us suffer from some sort of acne during our lives. It is most severe in teens but for many adults it keeps being a problem.

This cream will help both types of acne but it will be especially effective for those difficult cases. As time passes increasingly more people are having chronic acne.

These people know something is not working right in their bodies but they can't solve the riddle of what is causing their symptoms.

Have you experienced flare-ups on your face and body after any change in your diet, lifestyle or after stopping taking your acne treatment?

And worse; tired of trying supposed anti acne diets, treatments and creams with little to no effect.

It’s not uncommon for acne sufferers to be afraid of playing with their pets as they’d like. Also cleaning your clothes, bedding or yourself excessively even being afraid of leaving your hair loose worrying that these things will trigger a flare-up.

Is it hard to resist the urge to squeeze your pimples with your nails? Severe acne provokes many fears; potential scars and spots, friends who feel sorry for you.

A demanding work where a clear skin gives a good impression to clients, peers and bosses. Schoolmates who mess with kids using their acne. Not knowing if your acne will stop eventually or become chronic, etc.

Why Haven't You Solved This Problem Yet?

Because acne is a holistic process, the skin is a complex organ which perform several functions.

If your body isn’t detoxifying correctly your skin will reflect it.

If your glands aren’t performing well or your body is overload with hormone disruptors not only your skin will suffer.

Usually your skin will be very sensitive to imbalances in your body be it nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, poor detoxification, etc.

You must treat this problem as one that affects your whole body and not only a local area of your skin.

Why Acne Heals so Slowly?

Dermatologists agree that to promote the healing of a pimple it needs a good balance between: hygiene, avoid inflammation and safely extract its pus. A natural acne treatment cream and a good mild soap can help with inflammation and hygiene thus preventing some acne formation but once a pimple has formed it is hard to extract the pore’s content avoiding lesions and inflammation.

This fat overproduction by the pores’ sebaceous gland eventually produces a pimple. When it gets infected, it starts to produce pus. If you are unable to extract it, this will slow the healing process. Up to two weeks for the most common whiteheads. In these cases an acne extraction tool set or charcoal mask can help.


Why most creams worsen your acne long term?

If you have a skin care cream in your home go check if your cream has any of these ingredients:

Carbomers, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Triethanolamine, Coloring Agents CI10000 and above, Phenoxyethanol, Methoxyethanol, Dimethicone, Triclosan, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate, etc.

The list is very incomplete but all these ingredients have a plethora of harmful effects for your health and are very disruptive to your endocrine and skin system.

For example Carbomers are derived from Petroleum and the skincare industry use it to give a false sensation of skin softness. Many creams that soften and close your skin pores use carbomers.

What these do is actually cover your skin and pores with a plastic film that impedes the pores’ proper breathing, function and metabolism. These creams give an initial sensation of health and softness but as soon as you stop the treatment you experience a flare-up of acne and skin imbalances, hurting its health further.

Why companies would market creams with such harmful ingredients? In short, to keep you buying their product with a false belief. Believing that their cream is preventing your acne instead of actually leaving your skin worse than it was before.

So How Much Do You Think It's Worth?

To have

solution for these problems?

  • To have a way to prevent occasional or frequent acne, despite your age or gender.
  • To reduce the possibilities of getting acne scars.
  • To stop obsessing over it all; flare-ups, information overload, pets, cleaning, social life, etc.
  • How much it costs to have an easy to use natural acne treatment cream to improve your skin health, enhancing its natural beauty and radiance?
  • Be more confident and happy in your social meetings and worry no more of a worsening pimple.

What Makes This Natural Acne Treatment Cream Pack Special?

A 3 Step Treatment Formulated with Natural Herbal Ingredients

Natural Acne Treatment Cream


  • Especially formulated to heal and prevent acne formation.
  • Repair already formed acne, restoring your skin to a normal and healthy appearance.
  • Indicated for any type of skin, especially acne prone and sensitive skin.

Size: 20 g.


Extracted from shark liver, it has regenerative and restorative properties. Forms a nutritive, protective, permeable layer on the skin.


Extracted from Sagebrush and other plants, used in traditional medicine, it removes acne and soothes the skin, reducing its pores.

Sophora Angustifolia Root Extract

Heals and prevents acne, having a balsamic, clearing and soothing effect on your skin.

Sodium Hyaluronate, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract

Repairs the skin, promotes its cleansing and rejuvenation.

I have oily skin and if I don’t treat my acne correctly it heals very very slowly. For me, this natural acne treatment cream is a godsend since it allows me to get rid of my acne in 2-3 days.

I apply it over my skin 2-3 times per day and it absorbs it very quickly. It is certainly not a miracle but in about 2 days it got one of my flare ups under control. Very good results!



Activated Bamboo Charcoal Mask


Front view of the activated charcoal mask tube

The advantages of using activated charcoal for acne treatment and in other skin issues provides many advantages:

  • Deep cleansing of skin pores, literally sucking out blackheads and pimples.
  • Shrinks pores and repair damage to the skin.
  • Leaves a smooth and even skin.
  • Indicated for any type of skin, especially oily types.

Size: 1,8 oz. – 50 g.

A forest of green bamboo stems where the activated charcoal for acne is extracted from

Bamboo Charcoal

Used in Chinese medicine since XIV century. It has a remarkable capacity to absorb pollution; high volumes of bacteria, toxins, and micro-particles also helping to dry oily skins. This is why activated charcoal for acne is a key ingredient to clean skin pores and prevent acne formation. It makes the blackheads stick to the mask when you peel it off, leaving your skin soft and clear.

A close shot of a white flower growing among green tea leaves

Camellia Sinensis

Also called tea tree camellia or assam tea, it is considered one of 50 essential herbs by Chinese medicine. Rich in flavonoids; antioxidant, modifies mechanism of aging. Anti inflammatory, shrinks pores and promotes its healing faster. Antibiotic, stimulates a healthy balance of skin bacterial flora, reducing acne inducing bacteria.

Brown seaweed in the shallow waters of a beach

Seaweed Mud

A mixture of seaweed paste and clay. Its high contents of magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, iodide and other minerals promote a deep nutrition, balancing the natural metabolism of the skin and its sebaceous glands. This prevents the pores’ imbalances that lead to excessive sebum production and acne.

A jar with a waxy cream based on this acid with a pink spoon inside and surrounded by roses

Hyaluronic Acid

A complex molecule with ample medical evidence and research proving that it promotes the complex processes of skin rejuvenation, repair and wound healing.

I applied a little steam and disinfected my skin before use. I applied the bamboo charcoal mask with an medium thickness layer, i.e. not very thin and not very thick. After about 20 minutes the edges of the mask began to move slightly and I peeled it. If you wait longer until completely dry, then it is more painful to rip off.

The effect was less impressive than expected but learned eventually that this is actually good since ordinary charcoal masks that have a strong extract effect may damage your skin. This one has the right suction so it is gentle with the sensitive skin of my face.