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Yoga Blankets & Designer Yoga Mat Towels

Beautifully designed, soft, highly absorbent, stylish microfiber yoga blankets for keeping your grip and keep you dry during your yoga asanas. Use them to add style to your practice!


You Sweat, the Yoga Blankets Absorb

  • Introducing… the Perfect Yoga Towels and Yoga Blankets.
  • Soft, highly absorbent microfiber yoga blankets perfect for keeping your grip and keep you dry during your yoga Asanas!
  • Non slip surface.
    Machine washable & dry – Ultra durable.
  • Big size – 72×25,6in – Perfect for any mat size.
  • Practice any sport with ease and comfort: Hatha, Hot Yoga, Bikram, Vinyasa, Kundalini Yoga, Pilates, Meditation & many more.
  • Due to the different nature of screen displays, the color seen in the pictures may differ from the real product.

Blanket Specifications & Tutorial

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A Yoga Mat Blanket, Keeps You Dry & Warm

  • 100% Microfiber material: very soft and durable. No unpleasant lints or cloth peeling.
  • Easy to machine wash and dry. To keep its durability do not use fabric softeners while washing our Yoga Blankets.
  • Highly absorbent and with an antibacterial treatment.
  • Not only keeps your hands and feet dry but also keeps a soft odor much longer than other yoga blankets.
  • Light, thin and easy to fold.
  • Comes with a small travel bag for better portability carrying your towel to the gym.

Add Your Personal Style & Hygiene with Cool Yoga Blankets


  • Material: Microfiber. Comfortable, soft, no peeling, no lints.
  • Digitally printed with non toxic, water resistant inks.
  • Size: 72 x 25,6 inches (183x65cm). Covers your yoga mat.
  • If you use dirty public yoga mats at your local gym it will protect your skin, adding a stylish design in addition to hygiene.
  • Also you can always use your own padded yoga mat for more comfort and ergonomy, preventing injuries.
  • Design: Creative, colorful, imaginative and meaningful.
  • Non toxic durable prints based on beautiful drawings and designs by different artists.
  • Show your personality and creativity. Add style and beauty to boring plain color mats.

Woven borders give the yoga towel extra durability and grip


  • For the beach, the countryside, picnics, backpacking, anything you can imagine. Its durability makes it withstand any condition and usage.
  • Microfiber travel pouch included. Use it to carry your towel, water bottle, phone and/or personal effects.
  • A great present. Show how much you care with a creative, thoughtful and useful gift.


  • For even greater grip you can slightly spray the towel with water mist just before your practice.
  • Wash before first use.
  • Machine cold wash alone or with similar colors.
  • No bleach or fabric softener.
  • Air or tumble dry on low.
  • Read more about my article on Yoga Blankets & Accessories to learn how they can improve your Yoga practice in many ways.

Additional Notes:

  • Included: Yoga Mat Towel and Travel Bag.
  • Shipping time: 12-20 days for continental US.

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Ready for A Practical & Beautiful Yoga Practice?

The perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones. Improves your Yoga practice by being artistic, adding personality, eliminating bad odors, increasing friction, hygiene, etc.

Ethically manufactured; non-toxic, recyclable, durable "Prolen" materials. Portable, multi-purpose.

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