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Water Flosser for Braces & Dental Work – Pressure Dial

Water flosser for braces and also to quick & easily cleaning any type of dental work. Up to 90 seconds of continuous flossing.



  1. Have Your Ever Had These Problems?
  2. Benefits of Flossing with Water and Usage Guide Videos
  3. Water Flosser Characteristics
  4. How Can This Water Flosser Benefit You?
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Water Flosser for Braces to Easily Clean any Kind of Dental Work

Don’t be afraid of your next visit to the dentist.

  • Do you have bleeding gums or other mouth related problem?
  • Does the dental floss hurt your gums and feels like a tedious chore?
  • Is it hard to educate your kids to have a good dental hygiene?
  • Do you have poor dental health and have to visit your dentist more often that you’d like?
  • Is your dentist starting to see you as a cash register?

Health Benefits of A Water Flosser & How to Use It

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What Would Cost A Quick, Fun and Easy Solution for These Problems?

  • Strengthen your gums in just days of flushing with this Water Flosser for Braces.
  • Turn a tedious chore into a fun activity. See your kids wanting to use this water flosser after watching a water jet clean your mouth at the press of a button.
  • See your dentist less often and see how she starts to complain about how healthy your teeth are at your next appointment.
  • And most importantly, save money fixing your oral problems with just using this cordless jet flosser three or four times per week. A good health is invaluable but sadly most people notice this after they’ve lost it.

Blonde woman smiling while using her water flosser easily

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Water Flosser Characteristics

  • HIGH CAPACITY WATER TANK. Up to 90 seconds of continuous flossing.
  • SEVEN TYPES OF CLEANING TIPS FOR EVERY SITUATION. Body made of thermoplastic ABS polymer with multiple properties. More information on images and description.
  • IMPROVE YOUR ORAL HEALTH. By using this water flosser for braces, you may be able to remove almost 99% of the oral plaque.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN WATER FLOSSER for braces which are more effective than traditional dental floss for reducing plaque, gingivitis, and gum disease.
  • MULTIPLE PRESSURES. Available with 10 water pressure to clean thoroughly deep between teeth and under the gums where regular flossing can’t reach.

Water flosser for braces with free rotating nozzle & smart water control pause button.

  • CLEAN EVERY CORNER! Nozzle rotates freely reaching every part of the mouth.
    • Clean every tooth and gum pocket softly, safely and easy.
  • SMART WATER CONTROL! The pause button controls the flow. Stop it temporarily at any time.
    • 7 water tips included. Up to 90 seconds of flossing with the 22,3oz/600ml high-volume water capacity.
  • CHOOSE YOUR TIP The Power Water Flosser comes with 3 Classic Jet Tips, 1 Tongue Cleaner Tip, 1 Implant Tip, 1 Orthodontic Tip, and also 1 Periodontal Tip.
    • Check out the product images for more details.

Infomercial with the different kinds of oral diseases preventable with this Water flosser for braces

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Outstanding Oral Hygiene

  • FOR ANY TYPE OF DENTAL WORK: this water flosser for braces is indicated especially for people with dental implants, crowns, bridges or any dental prosthetic.
    • This water flosser cleans any area of your mouth thus preventing oral disease.
  • EASILY CLEAN YOUR BRACES: People with braces benefit from its usage because it quickly flushes out food debris and plaque where traditional brushes cannot reach.
    • Dental braces are difficult to clean. Sometimes the pressure of portable water flosser cordless irrigators may not be enough.
    • Is also very easy to miss food leftovers in them contributing to a bad breath.
    • Using this water flosser for braces will not only prevent this but you will impress your dentist with your excellent hygiene in your next visit!

Water flosser for braces instructions for each type of cleaning tip

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Prevents Oral Disease Improving Your Periodontal Health

  • PREVENT ORAL DISEASE: If you have any oral disease or just sensitive gums traditional flossing can be quite a chore and even painful.
  • REMOVES BACTERIA: People affected by gum disease have pockets of bacteria that proliferate when the gumline separates from the teeth.

Eco friendly water flosser for braces, low power consumption. 1600 water pulses per minute.

  • GET YOUR ORAL HYGIENE TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Traditional flossing cannot reach these pockets.
    • Also it can even make things worse, pushing food debris deeper inside the gumline.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO DENTAL PLAQUE: This powerful Water Oral Irrigator flushes out bacteria from these periodontal pockets thus eliminating food particles and dental plaque.
  • PROMOTE HEALTHY GUMS: Not only that, but it massages and stimulates a healthy blood flow in your gums.
    • Therefore eventually reducing gum inflammation and improving oral health.

Water flosser for braces ABS polymer body. EU plug with UK or US adapters

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Water Flosser for Braces Product details

Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

Power source: Electric, EU plug (with optional US or UK adapters)

Product weight: 2lbs/0.9500 kg

Product size: (L x W x H) 8.07×6.89×3.54 in / 20.50×17.50×9.00 cm

Package contents: 1 x Water flosser, 1 x Water reservoir, 1 x Reservoir lid with directions, 7 x Tips (3 x Classic, 1 x Plaque, 1 x Braces, 1 x Pik Pocket, 1 x Tongue), 1 x Handle, 1 x English manual.

Say Goodbye to Dental & Gums Problems with Only One Minute per Day

Feel a pleasant and fresh water or mouthwash flushing your mouth while all the harmful bacteria and debris goes down the sink.

Prevent and heal existing gums problems with just three or four sessions per week.

You’ve read all the benefit this little and affordable device can do for your health and your loved ones.

An original and creative gift to leave a great impression on your loved ones. Perfect to show how much you care!



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