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Power Tower Calisthenics Workout Station


Sturdy & stable frame, perform advanced moves safe & easily. Multi-function chin up dip station, have a complete gym with you. Padded hand grip & back rest. Product not eligible for shipping outside continental US, UK or AU.

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  1. Have Your Ever Had These Problems?
  2. Video of A Power Tower Calisthenics Workout Example
  3. Characteristics
  4. How It Can Benefit You?
  5. Have Your Own Gym at Home
  • Have you ever abandoned your gym mid-way through your membership?
  • Did it have an expensive membership fee?
  • Your exercise routine was simple but the long commute, the warming, the shower and the little things made you lose much more time than expected?
  • Was it hard to discipline yourself to keep following this routine the more time it passed?
  • Did you have to share used and sweaty gym equipment. Did it have poor hygiene and you were worried of getting a skin disease?
  • Did you have to put with unpleasant loud music or strong smells coming from sweaty or “bowel loose” gym partners?

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Power Tower Calisthenics Workout Station & Assembly Instructions

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Videos courtesy of Plant Power Pete & Ancheer Sports

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How Would You Solve These Problems

chin up dip station bar can be used for pull ups and chin ups training your back and arms

  • Make your workout routine much easier.
  • Have a complete body workout in less time and more efficiently than with gyms.
  • Calisthenics is the best way to improve your muscle tone. Men will look more muscular and defined but women will look more toned and slender.
  • Women have better results on their figure when they combine their aerobic routine with muscle toning.
  • When you use your own body-weight to train, your muscles adapt in a way that always result in a more attractive figure.
  • Save money forgetting about expensive and constant gym membership fees. Just with a once time payment and a lifetime power tower calisthenics workout station.
  • No more lengthy commutes to your local gym. Save time and effort doing it at your home since the chin up dip station fits perfectly in all homes.
  • The effort and time saved will help you conserve your willpower for what’s really important the exercise routine itself.
  • Not more sharing gym equipment, showers, no bad odors or loud music. Prevent skin diseases.

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Power Tower Calisthenics Workout at Home

chin up dip station handles and back rest can be used for leg raises training your abs
  • HAS A STURDY AND STABLE FRAME, perform advanced moves without fears.
  • A MULTI-FUNCTION STATION, perform a high number of exercises to train your whole body. Never get bored or run out of exercises.
  • COMFORTABLE PADDED. Its hand grip and back rest are cushioned for comfort during long workouts.
  • HEAVY DUTY & STABLE: Many cheap pull up towers and bars are wobbly or can’t hold your weight during muscle ups and other advanced moves.
    • This is why this power tower has been built with strength and stability in mind with a quality frame and thick non-slip floor pads.
    • You can even add one of our thick foam mats underneath if your floor is not perfectly flat for even more stability.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN, PREVENT INJURIES: Also these stations are usually built not paying attention to details and ergonomy.
    • Its arms are too far apart or too narrow, there isn’t any padding or is too thin, poor welding work on their frame, low quality screws, etc.
    • This all can potentially hurt you and even cause an injury during a workout.
  • USER FRIENDLY: Easy and quick to put together, anyone can do it. Comes with its own tools for assembly.

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Bring the Gym Home with The Power Tower Calisthenics Workout Station

  • The Power Tower is the perfect addition to your home gym.
    • Work your entire upper body in one compact piece of high-quality equipment
  • It includes a knee raise station, a multi-grip pull-up station, a dip station, and a push-up station.
    • A pull-up station helps build lats, forearms, and biceps.
  • With a variety of station and positions, you can strengthen your entire body.
  • Target and tone your core, arms, shoulder, back, and chest for an overall stronger upper body.
    • Target your abs with the vertical knee raise station
    • Use the push-up station at the base for a stronger chest and shoulders.

chin up dip station legs and frame can be used for push ups

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Push Yourself

  • Get more out of your push-up workout with this Chin up Dip Station and get stronger, leaner chest and shoulder muscles.
  • Enjoy the built-in push-up station that features padded hand grips for comfort and security.
  • It will help keep a great shape. Achieve chiseled back, chest and arms.
  • The dip station will work your triceps and chest muscles.

Develop Your Core

  • The vertical knee raise station targets your midsection from all angles.
  • Use it to develop not only abdominal muscles, but stronger obliques and hip flexors.
  • Tones and sculpts your midsection and helps lose inches around your waist.
  • The adjustable back rest will make your workouts comfortable and prevent injuries.

Train Your Arms

Use your own body-weight as resistance when using the versatile pull-up station to strengthen and define your forearms, biceps, shoulders and lats.

power tower calisthenics workout station slanted view, black steel frame, orange back rest padding, black foam grip padding in the dip, pull up and feet push up grips also black rubber anti skid support on its base

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Made to Last. Strong Steel Power Tower Calisthenics Workout Station

Built of sturdy steel tubing, quality welding, bolts and riveting. This Power Tower will last for years.

Domestic Shipping: Shipping only within US, UK, AU available for this item.

International Shipping: This item is NOT eligible for international shipping.

SIZE: 562435in.
WEIGHT: 55lbs.
MATERIAL: Steel frame+Foam.
ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Up to 7ft. 60in.

Package Includes: 1 * Steel Chin up Dip Station + 1 * Set of mounting tools + 1 * Instructions Sheet

power tower calisthenics workout station front view, black steel frame, orange back rest padding, black foam grip padding and pictures of muscle toned atheletes


  • Forget about expensive gym membership fees and the problems they have.
  • Make your exercise routine easier and quicker than having to do a lengthy commute to the gym.
  • Avoid sharing used and sweaty gym equipment. Improve your hygiene and prevent skin diseases.
  • Forget about loud music you don’t like or strong smells coming from sweaty or smelly gym partners.
  • And most importantly; improve your motivation & discipline keeping at your exercise routine simplifying the process.
  • Avoid distractions & feeling self-conscious or de-motivated by the veterans & pros at the gym.

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You’ve already read about the benefits this Chin up dip station has.

Think about how much it costs. Just a few dollars per day during a couple months.

Compare that to paying costly gym memberships year after year.

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Out of stock

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