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Gajendra Cushioned Thick Yoga Mat Padded for Comfort Non Toxic

Yoga mats can be hard to use for beginners. That’s why the Gajendra Thick Yoga Mat has been designed by Yoga teachers with comfort and ease of use in mind. With extra thickness and a surface resistant to stains and wear Yoga newbies will love practicing on this mat.


Is Your Exercise Routine Relaxing & Pleasant or Painful?

  • Your practice of Yoga, Pilates, Gymnastic, etc. produces muscle or joint soreness?
  • Ordinary mat thickness is oftentimes too low for beginners making their practice more uncomfortable and painful than they should be.
  • This low thickness result in poor durability apart from how uncomfortable they can be.
  • Do you need a comfortable, thick cushioned mat for purposes other than exercise? For example; as a playing ground for your kids or for a picnic?
  • Are you concerned about what materials are ordinary mats made of? Are you looking for a non-toxic, eco friendly mat that cares for your health?
  • Ordinary mats release toxic substances and bad odors with the rubbing of a warm and sweaty skin. You end your practice having absorbed these toxic substances through your skin and lungs!

High Density NBR Foam Mat, Ethically Made, Non-Toxic & Eco Friendly

How To Choose Your Yoga Mat?

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  • High density, extra thick durable NBR foam.
  • Anti scratch, moisture, water and oil proof material.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Ribbed surface for extra grip and stability thus promoting a safe practice.
  • Non toxic and eco-friendly because of its recyclable quality materials.

The Gajendra Thick Yoga Mat is Useful for

  • Yoga, Pilates, stretching and toning workouts and also any kind of floor exercise practice.
  • Pregnancy exercises to promote a healthy delivery.
  • Weight loss, physiotherapy, etc.
  • Baby/mother play, children play and adult leisure.
  • Outdoor picnics.

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Bring Comfort to Your Yoga

Woman preventing injuries and comfortably practising on the maxrelax thick yoga mat

  • In Hindu mythology Gajendra was an elephant saved by the god Vishnu from death in the jaws of a crocodile.
  • They are strong, wise and loyal animals who support the world in the Amarakosha, an ancient Hindu treatise. That’s why the name inspires the Gajendra Thick Yoga Mat to support you with its big size and thickness especially made for comfort and protection.
  • Is your mat thick and long enough for your Asanas/poses or do you struggle to not hurt your elbows with the floor? Have you though then about buying a quality thick yoga mat?
  • Is it difficult to practice with small sized mats when you occasionally share it with your son or daughter?
  • Have you hit or even injured yourself because of unconsciously moving or slipping from the center of your mat?
  • Is your mat too thin and uncomfortable?
  • Are you tired of smelly or hard to clean mats?
  • Have you skin allergies when using yoga mats?
  • Are you a beginner and fell for the trap of cheap yoga mats because they seemed a good idea for trying yoga before investing more in it?

Be careful because these things can make your yoga practice unpleasant and actually discourage you from keeping your yoga practice.

The Gajendra Thick Yoga Mat offers maximum comfort and injury prevention. A direct result of its development under the advice of expert yoga teachers, in order to make your practice as pleasant and direct as possible.

Built to let you focus on what really matters:

Your mind, your breath, your posture.

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The Gajendra Thick Yoga Mat is Built for

  • Big size. Perfect for beginners who need more freedom and space.
  • Ultra thickness, 0.4 or 0.6 inches. Protect your joints from harm.
  • Odorless materials.
  • Ribbed surface, perpendicular to the force applied with palms and soles. It has extra grip and avoids slipping.
  • Anti scratch smart surface.
  • Certified toxic free by SGS world’s leading swiss company in testing & verification. ISO 9001 and ISO 2000 certification.
  • High density honeycomb foam adds superior durability and maximum comfort
    • Made of Nitrile Rubber or NBR. A synthetic form of rubber foam resistant to tearing, water and oily stains like those that appear when you sweat or hair grease stains after resting your head on cheap mats.
    • Easily cleaned with water.
  • Manufactured under the advice of Yoga Teachers.
  • Ergonomically designed size for both genders.

Still unsure about what options to choose and what differences are there between mat materials? Then read my guide on tips to choose the best exercise padding for beginners.

Mother and daughter sharing the big cushioned yoga mat

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Add a Designer Yoga Cover with Your Mat & Qualify for up to 13% Discount!

  • Do you want something more than the plain colors of the Gajendra Yoga Mat?
  • Do you want extra hygiene while being easily washable and feel a soft sensation while keeping a great grip despite how much you may sweat?
  • Then a especially designed microfiber cover is what you need for your mat.
  • You just need to introduce two codes after you added both products to your cart to apply the discount. There are instructions about each code below. Don’t miss it!
  • More details about these wonderful Yoga cover towels:
    1. 100% Microfiber material: very soft and durable. No unpleasant lints and cloth peeling.
    2. Easy to machine wash and dry. To keep its durability do not use fabric softeners while washing our Yoga Blankets.
    3. Highly absorbent and with an antibacterial treatment.
    4. Not only keeps your hands and feet dry but also keeps a soft odor much longer than other yoga blankets.
    5. Light, thin and easy to fold.
    6. Comes with a small travel bag for travel and carrying your towel to the gym.

A Thick Yoga Mat of Superior Design

You’ve already seen all the benefits of this padded yoga mat.

For $12 a day, in just a week you will get a non-toxic, comfortable, durable, easy to clean, lasting mat.

It will give you peace of mind, caring for your health.

Forget about having to replace bad quality mats every couple of years.

Forget about eventually developing a skin allergy or other health related problems.