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Mārjāra Yoga Bricks & Blocks Non Toxic Eco Friendly High Density

High density EVA foam yoga blocks to aid and boost your yoga practice. Make your sessions easier, more progressive or challenging, your choice your rules.


Special High Density EVA Foam:

  • Anti Bacterial
  • Anti Odor
  • Better Grip
  • Ultra Light-Weight


  • In Hindu mythology Mārjāra is a cat who carries the goddess Shashthi on his back, a graceful, agile and strong animal. That’s why the Mārjāra Yoga Bricks add more support and depth to your poses and stretches improving your balance and agility.
  • SUPPORT: Add more support and depth to your poses and stretches.
  • FASTER PROGRESSION: Yoga bricks align your poses so students need less supervision and veterans can add more challenge to their sessions
  • EASIER ADVANCED POSES: Make your poses easier, more progressive or challenging enhancing your strength, balance and flexibility

Benefits & Uses of Yoga Blocks

Video courtesy of Katie Braja Yoga

  • DURABILITY: High-density and resistant EVA foam for durability in each yoga brick and block.
  • SMART MATERIALS: Anti odor and bacteria, moisture and water-proof.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: 100% non-toxic and recyclable. Made to last and respect the environment.
  • BETTER GRIP: Anti-slip even when covered in sweat.
  • ERGONOMIC: Beveled edges to provide a soft and comfortable grip.
  • PORTABLE: Ultra light-weight perfect for travel, studio or home use

Mārjāra Yoga Bricks & Blocks are Useful for

  • Yoga, Pilates, Gymnastics, Physiotherapy, Meditation, etc.
  • Assisting and making your practice easier; elderly, pregnancy, injuries.

Boost Your Yoga

  • Are some yoga poses especially difficult for you?
  • Some poses put an extra strain on your joints and muscles?
  • Do you wish some advanced yoga poses could be learned more gradually?

Then you should consider including yoga bricks & blocks in your yoga sessions.

With just some yoga accessories tips and your imagination you can boost your practice and make it easier and more pleasant and effective.

Mārjāra Yoga Bricks & Blocks Are

DURABLE: The component of the blocks is an EVA polymer with properties like toughness and stress-crack resistance. You can even drive your car over the block and it will keep its shape! Imagine how well it will support you during your yoga sessions. These blocks will last for many years, keeping their shape, density and resistance.

Yoga Block Resistance to Car Weight

LIGHTWEIGHT: Only EVA foam can offer such resistance weighting only 3oz (84g) per block. You can carry as many as you need for your sessions with ease.

WATERPROOF: You can sweat or spill your isotonic drink over it and wash it quick and easily.

RESISTANT TO UV RADIATION: You can practice outdoors by the pool or forget your blocks in the garden without worries they lose their properties.

NON-TOXIC: EVA foam is widely regarded as a non-toxic material. Because your yoga practice must improve your mind and your body, not degrade it.

100% RECYCLABLE: These blocks can last a lifetime. With your purchase you’re contributing to reduce pollution. If you dispose of your yoga blocks correctly, they can be recycled into EVA pellets with many industrial and consumer applications.

Yoga Bricks That Will Last A Lifetime

Their multiple benefits make their price a bargain. Its high resistance and durability make them useful for multiple uses besides sports, use them as a support for heavy weights, a padding to avoid furniture or car scratches, anything you can imagine.

Help your Yoga or Pilates poses and provide support for a multitude of sports and other uses.

Make your most difficult exercises more gradual and easier avoiding lesions.

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Check its benefits for yourself and see how much they can improve your daily life!


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