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Legitimate Work from Home Jobs with No Startup Fee

Is becoming an affiliate for Amazon still profitable?


  1. There Are Many Legitimate Work from Home Jobs with no Startup Fee
  2. Affiliate Marketer, One of the Best Work from Home Jobs
  3. Find Good Health Is in A Promising Niche
  4. How to Success Working for Several Companies
  5. How to Increase Your Sales
  6. Affiliate Marketing Video for Beginners
  7. Selling for Find Good Health. Payment Structure & Conditions
  8. Conditions of Fair Use for My Affiliates
  9. Register as An Affiliate with Me

So you look for legitimate work from home jobs with no startup fee? Working from home, with a flexible schedule, the ability to earn money anywhere, adapting easily to any circumstance would be a dream come true no? That’s why there are many scams in this area, unethical marketers exploit this basic desire and you read some information online that seems to be legitimate but the “company” charges you a fee for a background check before accepting you. This usually means that the company receives tons of petitions and need to charge a fee to select the most committed and qualified or, most usually, that the main source of income of the company are these fees themselves, in other words, a scam. If you’ve seen this before welcome to the world of home job seeking.

There Are Many Legitimate Work from Home Jobs with No Startup Fee

Freelance writer: writing articles for popular blogs and websites will get you quick money but usually there are background checks and you need a good portfolio to show since there is a lot of competition in this field of work. Another highly specialized field of work is write marketing “copy”, promotional text and articles, which can pay huge amounts of money if you get really good at it. It requires high knowledge of marketing psychology and an even better portfolio of good selling products where you can prove you are the author of their copy but the advantage is that this field specialization is in high demand and is very well payed. Another advantage is that companies won’t care about your psychology degrees or academic background, if you know how to write to sell and can prove it companies will fight to hire you!

Data entry: this one will require you to prepare and sort documents, check its sources, verify and correct its data, complete its information, combine, rearrange, update and delete unnecessary files, enter and organize its data into databases, transcribe paper information, etc. Its advantages, are low requirements; a high school diploma, computer and keyboard proficient, good grammar and knowledge of administrative procedures. Also it pays an expected weekly salary. Its disadvantages are if you are a creative or proactive person, this job won’t spark your interest or have potential to grow your income the more you get proficient and specialized in it like ad copy writer or programmer for example.

Search evaluation: web search evaluators do web searches on a provided list of topics. Assess and review the search results they received determining if the sites listed have a content that matches what appears in the search field and how well they match it, giving each site a rank. Again its advantages are very similar to data entry with even less skill requirements but has a lower pay and ends being very repetitive. But it is one the most accessible legitimate work from home jobs with no startup fees.

Transcription: this job creates written copies of live speech or dictated audio, meetings and live conversation. Two fields require this type of work; medical where people transcribe diagnostic test results, referrals and operative reports for patient files and the legal field in which workers act as court reporters to transcribe dialogue at hearings and depositions. They also may work for museums and historical archives transcribing valuable historical documents and journals. The main disadvantage here is the requirements because you need additional certification in the area you are transcribing for apart from the obvious typing and computer software skills, for example employers require knowledge in ethics, anatomy, pharmacology, medical procedures for the medical field. In the legal field they require legal research, terminology, documentation, etc.

Affiliate marketer: this is one of the legitimate work from home jobs with no startup fee with most potential, this job consists in working for a company making sales of their products and receiving a commission for each client. This work is very flexible in its requirements and is the most accessible. Companies in this field are interested in how many sales you can make more than your academic background. It helps to have knowledge in writing, search engine optimization, marketing, video editing and production, photography, etc. Why? Because there will be several ways to promote the products of the company you work for; writing promotional articles in your own blog, having a YouTube channel with reviews or unboxings, having an Instagram or Pinterest profile with your portfolio of promotional photos, etc.

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Affiliate Marketing Among the Best Legitimate Work from Home Jobs with No Startup Fee

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

It is one of the work field with the most potential because it allows you to work for several companies.

The more you get better at it the more your skills will be sought after and the higher your income.

Combines the skills of a copy writer, research and design skills where creative and proactive people can shine.

One of the best paid jobs for those knowing how to drive sales. There are affiliate marketers making 7-figure yearly incomes like John Chow, Rae Hoffman, owner of Sugaree, Mark Ling who runs Affiliorama, Kirsty Mccubbin founder of AffiliateStuff and many many more.

These people started with nothing, just honing their own skills and persevering, selling for others until they achieved a sales record and income that allowed them to run their own marketing companies and be hired for advice by companies from all over the world.

Once you invest time and effort producing great promotional content it will make you a passive income 24/7. After several months of work, the amount of income will keep growing over an expected weekly salary. The limit is put by the amount and quality of promotional content you produce.

It will develop many skills that are useful in other legitimate work from home jobs with no startup fee. If you have skills in other jobs they will serve you as an affiliate marketer.

If you have already successful social profiles, enjoy communicating with others or have a blog, affiliate marketing will be the perfect work from home job for you. A big and important part of the work will be already done.

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

No expected weekly salary, only income based on your sales. It requires commitment and diligent work.

Low requirements but you need to develop great skills and be willing to learn for yourself with online courses or YouTube videos.

Affiliate Marketing is the dream job of many. So there will be also many marketers willing to sell you courses that doesn’t teach you anything useful, only selling promises. You need to be proactive and weed out the scammers, ask for advice on forums and review sites that recommend you great marketers that actually teach useful things. Be sure that those recommendations are not on commission themselves or you could not trust them to be genuine. Yeah… doesn’t it sound ironic?

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Find Good Health Is in A Promising Niche for Legitimate Work from Home Jobs with no Startup Fee

Affiliate marketing has long become one of the biggest ways to make money online… That is when it started, many years ago. Now there is a lot of competition because everybody does the same. Affiliate with Amazon was a great way to earn money in the first years when their commission was based on volume of sells, capped at 8.5%. But in 2017 their commissions changed to a flat rate of 5% average.

It takes time and patience to build up relationships with the businesses you are marketing for and the consumers you are reaching with your content. With that said, a lot of people are interested in learning how to become an affiliate to Amazon, believing it still is a good option. The wisest diversify to other businesses due to the freedom and financial opportunities affiliate marketing still provides to anyone willing to learn.

In Find Good Health I’m not selling a product. I am providing a solution to a health problem, this is one of the most promising niches because people always value a good health, beauty and physique. It always sells despite the economic or social situation. The perspective and approach of always trying to help people, solving their problems allows me to reach a wider public and help them in a more effective and ethical way than others. My approach is to investigate and find out the most information I can about a solution before including it in my shop catalog. Below I share some guidelines that will help you start and increase your sales

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Steps to Success as An Affiliate Marketer

When becoming an affiliate to Amazon Is no Longer Profitable

I write about my work philosophy and ethics in two pages “My Mission and Commitment” and “Why Is Better to Buy With Me“. Reading both will help you structure your promotional content to increase sales. This is because if your wording, imagery and philosophy matches what is in Find Good Health, customers will feel more comfortable and will have more trust, if my marketers have the same ethics as myself people will feel more inclined to put their trust in us. That’s why I don’t allow any shady practices detailed below in Conditions of Fair Use.

Focus on recurring revenue; being an affiliate to Amazon in the beginning provided a predictable income from month to month instead of sporadic and short bursts spread over several months. Now it still is possible but diversifying the businesses and channels you use to promote your content.The famed recurring income, is money that is continuously earned while no work is currently being done. To achieve this residual income wisely invest your time: create a successful YouTube video, a popular social profile or a quality website where people come to you for advice and tips about great products.

Diversify your traffic sources. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, as the old saying goes. Do not limit to becoming an affiliate with Amazon like everybody else. Work for several smaller businesses with higher commissions instead, master one source and move to the next. After devoting time and effort to several platforms; video, social, SEO, forums, etc. Look which is the highest performer and adjust the others to reinforce the best of them. For example, your Instagram profile gets lots of engagement so you adjust your YouTube videos to a mobile format so you can publish them in that platform. Include links and promotions in your other platforms so you can get even more followers in Instagram. A great source to diversify and find more affiliate programs is Affiliate Seeking, a directory with thousands of businesses with affiliate programs categorized and reviewed.

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Things Have Changed for An Affiliate for Amazon

Design mobile first content in many legitimate work from home jobs with no startup fee

Do not forget about the mobile users. Before Amazon clients primarily bought using desktop PCs that’s why a lot of focus is placed on websites and the web traffic, but in recent years more and more people have turned to using their phones as their primary internet tool. Payment platforms like Paypal, Google or Apple Pay are simplifying and adding security to payments through smartphones. Find Good Health has optimized their payments for these platforms as customers feel more confident buying with their smartphones and you should adapt your content to mobile first as well. When doing marketing, all of the techniques you implement should also include mobile friendly views for those that use their phones. This means reaching a wider audience and gaining more traffic and clicks, which in turn means more revenue.

Know the current and seasonal trends and stay ahead of them; this is important to being able to gain predictability, for example Summer being a season where there’s an interest spike in weight loss, hair removal solutions and products related with vacations. Use Google Trends as your research tool in this area. Also, if you are an affiliate of Amazon, you should know there are useful keyword tools. Use as many tools as you can to research the strategy of your promotional content.

If you focus more on SEO work more on topic targeting instead keyword targeting. Your articles and keywords should reinforce each other as Search Engines value more highly specialized and niche websites. If you have too many and broad subjects or keywords it will hurt your ranking in Search Engines.

Embedding of this video is allowed by YouTube Terms of Service Pt.6C
Videos courtesy of Todd & Leah Rae

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Payment Structure & Conditions

You will provide a 6 to 9 character 6% discount code to your customers that they will use at checkout as an incentive to purchase with you. This is the way I have to track the number of sells you will make. I will not use a link structure as an affiliate for Amazon is accustomed to so be careful, this code will be the only way I have to track your number of sales.

If you sell less than 10 products a week you will get a 9% commission of the total cart price, more than that will get you an additional 6%, reaching a 15% total commission. Payments are made monthly, in case you have €20.00EUR or more accumulated in sale commissions, or the equivalent in your local currency. Each month you will get an email, in case you’ve made any new sale, updating the number of sales and balance in your name. Payments are not made automatically, you will contact me asking for a withdrawal of funds the next Monday so you can choose when to get your money and pay the least transaction commissions to PayPal.

I will make the payments through PayPal or Bitcoin as a personal transfer, is very easy to open a PayPal account and register with your bank account or credit/debit card. If you live in the EU there will be no commissions for the transfer of Euro currency. If you live outside the EU zone there will be charges for the conversion to your local currency: US, Canada and Europe outside EU zone there’s a 1.99EUR commission and for the rest of the world 3.99EUR. For more information on currency conversion fees look their page about PayPal commissions.

In case you live outside the EU zone and use other currency different from Euro I recommend you get your payments in Bitcoin for a faster and commission free transaction. It is really easy to open your 1st wallet where you can receive your balances and convert it to your local currency. The best cryptocurrency exchange I can recommend and what I use personally to buy/sell my Bitcoins is Coinbase. If you sign up with my link we will both get an additional $10 on your 1st purchase/sell with them, within 180 days after you sign up, if the amount is the equivalent of 100USD or more.

Sign up here to get your 10USD

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Conditions of Fair Use

  1. You are forbidden to use link schemes or robots to massively spam thousands of links in forums, websites or services.
  2. Try to use a link shortener service like for your promotional links. Use link customization to edit the ending part of the link to something memorable for example “/thick-yoga-mat” instead the default sequence of random characters. Memorable, custom links improve selling rates by 20%.
  3. Contact me in the mail address you will receive after you sign up, updating the places; websites, forums, social pages, etc. where you’ve posted your affiliate links and promotions for the 1st time or since last update. Frequency will be weekly in case you’ve created any new links.
  4. You are forbidden to post your promotional links or photos with no accompanying description and/or video detailing the product benefits and problems they solve for customers. Be open & honest, try to emulate what you see in my product pages.
  5. Especially prohibited is the automated massive post of your links or the creation of fake transactions with your referral code, doing any of these will result in an immediate termination of your account.
  6. Do not lie about the product, do not make false promises about unbelievable results or post fake testimonials, yours or other’s. If you want to use testimonials copy the ones from my product pages or buy the product and review it yourself. In case you buy a product and review it, clearly disclose at the beginning you receive a commission for each sell.
  7. Do not exaggerate in your review or testimonial, be open about any flaws, disadvantages or if there are better products out there. Your clients will value your honesty and it will improve our sales long term.
  8. Try to keep a good relation with me, inform me of new ideas you may have, flaws in my products or ways to improve my selling system, be proactive.
  9. I reserve the right to an immediate termination of our contract, your affiliate code and your relation with me and my business if I believe you’ve made an unfair use of your affiliate account. This will happen after transferring any remaining balance in your account which was obtained through fair and legal practices.
  10. I reserve the right to change these conditions after a 1 week warning to existing affiliates. They will have the right to terminate their affiliate contract with me and have their balance transferred if they’re not satisfied with the new conditions.

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