My Mission & Commitment

  1. Why Clients Have A Great Experience Buying with Me
  2. Why You Are Contributing to A Better World Buying with Me
  • My goal is to help you achieve optimal health and well-being. I do this with a scientific approach given by my background in Physics and my enjoyment for sciences and research. Also more than 15 years of personal experience in improving my own health and others’.
  • Why a scientific approach? Internet can be a confusing place full of unproven claims and contradictory information if not outright scams. Just think about how full of misleading information and scams the world of weight loss or fitness is.

  • The only way to protect ourselves from this is through verification in University Research studies. Studies which have proven without a doubt that a claim is true and verified. I’ve used this method through the years and it works. There’s much more false claims and scams out there that you can imagine.
  • That’s why I want to share this. To help you learn to verify what you read and what you want to apply in your life. To achieve good health and well-being relying on hard facts. With this website I do the “heavy work” verifying the subjects I write articles about. I will offer you proven and useful information that you can apply to your life right now with confidence.
  • Also I help you save money writing about what products are out there only to get money out of you and which ones offer a great price/quality. Providing full disclosure about the manufacturers I work with and why you can trust them.

Why Clients Have A Great Experience Buying with Me

  • I have more than fifteen years of experience in the fields I write about. Furthermore, with this experience I strive to find and offer the best products available for your health and well-being; toxic free, responsibly and ethically manufactured.
  • I put a lot of research and effort to offer the best prices and quality available with a free and seamlessly, fast shipping process. All in order to give you the best experience possible when buying at my shop with care and attention for all my clients.

  • I take client’s feedback very seriously and I’m always striving to improve your experience at my shop and its products quality.

Why You Are Contributing to A Better World Buying with Me

  • Our global market has made impossible to work with local companies also being able to offer a wide variety of quality products at a great price.
  • Unfortunately, although the shipping times would be shorter and I’d like to support local manufacturers, their production quality and prices can’t compete with the increasing modernization of Asian companies.
  • For this reason I work with these manufacturing businesses and so I make sure to choose only ethical, toxic and pollution free companies who are against exploitation of labor.
  • Its workers are formed in a variety of skills. From classical craftsmanship in Florence, Italy’s luxury workshops to advanced organic chemistry such as polymer or elastomer chemistry. In order to develop the most advanced non-toxic and environment-friendly craftsmanship and materials; alloys, rubbers, dyes, fabrics, etc.

  • Therefore through your purchase you are voting for this type of work philosophy to become a role model for other companies in China and worldwide. You are helping to stop pollution and unethical business practices.