Why Is Better to Buy with Me

  • I care about giving my readers useful, accurate and verified information about health and well-being.
  • I have a scientific background so all my products are carefully researched and tested. Time invested to design the most effective products for your health with the best quality and price.
  • Environment toxicity is a great concern for me in my daily life. I make this concern a commitment to offer safe & recyclable products in my shop.
  • Having ethics and care for the environment is completely compatible with a successful business model. That’s why I want to contribute to this idea carefully choosing the suppliers and manufacturers I work with.

  • Customers don’t see this kind of effort at first. The majority does not care if a product can be recycled easily, has non-toxic materials or is manufactured by an ethical company who treats its workers fairly.
  • Despite this I’m convinced of one thing: “The best way for mankind to demand a sustainable economy, in harmony with nature, is to vote with what we choose to like and purchase.”
  • Get informed about how a product is made as well as you can and then simply buy what you support and do not buy what you do not. To achieve this there are wonderful smartphone apps like Buycott which I personally use.
  • I’m a blogger as much as a seller and all my products are accompanied by one or more carefully crafted articles. Written to help you make the best choice and draw the most benefit from my products.

  • I write the majority of my articles based on solid scientific research and easy to verify so you don’t have to trust my word.
    • For example, as a beginner, is not the same to buy a yoga mat by impulse and appearance than knowing what are their most common and difficult to see problems. It is better to know what traits to look for when buying a quality mat that you will be happy with than learn through mistake. For example type of materials, odorless-stainless, ideal thickness, grip, etc.
    • Another example would be verifying that a skincare cream has all natural ingredients and how their effectiveness have been proven in college and private research laboratories.

How Buying with Me Works

  • All the products on my store are carefully described and accompanied by informative articles. They will help you make an informed decision on your purchase.
  • All purchases are processed through the most popular payment processors in USA, Europe and Asia. Currently my store supports payments with; Paypal, Credit card, Bancontact, SOFORT, Giropay, EPS, iDeal, Przelewy24, Alipay and Multibanco apart from a selection of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Your financial data, credit card number and payment will be processed by the most secure payment platforms in the world so you can buy in confidence with your bank of choice.
  • And most importantly, since your selected bank will manage all the payment process, your banking information won’t be stored in my website or managed by me in any way. In the next link is more information about the payment & shipping process.

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  • These payment processors won’t charge you any additional fee for using their services. You always pay the price of the product displayed on my website, no surprises, no shipping fees, no small print.
  • My store is SSL secured with a 256 bit encryption key. This means all the information exchanged with me will be encrypted, hidden and safe from leaks. My privacy policy is very strict so you won’t receive Spam in your inbox.
  • If you have more questions you can read the most common ones in my FAQ & Contact section where you can write to me directly if your questions aren’t answered there.

Here’s a Small Selection of My Products

  • This acupressure machine is a portable doctor that gives you the power of traditional chinese medicine right at home
    Acu-Doctor Electroacupuncture Stylus

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