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All-in-One Gym Tote, Women & Men’s Canvas Workout Duffel Bag & Backpack

Waterproof all-in-one gym tote workout duffel bag. Many stylish designs for all tastes. Pockets for camera, tablet, laptop. Multiple handles for versatility


Waterproof canvas all-in-one gym tote; backpack, handbag & workout duffel bag for Men & Women.


Many stylish designs for every taste.

Pockets for your camera, tablet or notebook.

Sturdy buckles for external attachment.

Multiple handles for versatility

  • FOR EVERY NEED: Finding a gym tote which is versatile enough for all your needs can be quite a chore.
  • MULTIPLE GADGET POCKETS: If you’re a techie or student who needs to carry all her tools and gadgets to class or work and to the gym, finding a gym tote prepared for carrying multiple electronics may be difficult.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Most gym totes are workout duffel bags, handbags or backpacks but seldom are an all-in-one carrying solution.
  • MANY WAYS TO CARRY: Being unable to change the way you carry your bag can put an unnecessary strain on your back.

All-in-One Gym Tote Canvas Workout Duffel Bag

Why not unify all types in one and be able to use your gym tote in many ways. As a backpack, a duffel bag or handbag the way you like it?

  • ERGONOMIC: Because it helps your body avoid excessive strain and even injury. Since carrying your things the same way for long periods of time puts an unnecessary strain in your back anything that relieves it becomes valuable.
  • STYLISH DESIGN: It allows you to adapt to any situation and always look great. Even if you need to carry a lot of things for your work and gym.
  • VERSATILE: Its cylindrical shape and different sizes allows you to carry your work material and gym apparel at the same time in case of need.
  • FOR EVERY TASTE: Also its multiple designs and elegant styles allows anyone to use it in any situation, formal or casual.

For Backpacking Camping & Any Use Imaginable

Also useful and suitable for backpacking and camping use.

  • WATERPROOF: Because it keeps your things safe and dry under any condition.
  • STURDY BUCKLES: To attach your camping, hiking tools or almost anything you can imagine.
You’ve read all the benefits this little, stylish and practical gym tote can do for you.
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