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Finishing Touch Yes Hair Remover Micro Oscillation Trimmer

With its touch activated Sensa-Light and micro-oscillation technology the Finishing Touch Yes Hair Remover trims your body hair soft and gently



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  2. Characteristics
  3. Testimonial
  4. What Is Micro Oscillation Technology
  5. Micro Oscillation Is Healthier & Better Than Epilation
  6. The Temptation of Counterfeit Devices
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Forget About The Problems Ordinary Hair Removal Devices Have

  • Equipped with touch activated Sensa-Light and micro-oscillation technologies.
  • The Finishing Touch Yes Hair Remover trims your body hair softly and gently, leaving a silky smooth skin.
  • Forget about small cuts, irritation and redness that old razors and waxes do on your skin.
  • Especially built for sensitive skins.

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I got this for my 12 year when she started wanting to remove the hair on her legs. She wanted nothing to do with a traditional razor, but she was starting to get self-conscious about her hair. This is a quick, painless, easy to use tool for hair removal. I haven’t used it myself but my daughter’s results are good. A year later she’s still using it regularly and has no desire to shave with razors yet which I’m perfectly fine with as it’s one thing less to worry about!

Patricia, DE

Finishing Touch Yes Hair Remover Characteristics

Model with gorgeous and smooth skin after using the finishing touch yes hair remover

  • PAINLESS HAIR REMOVAL AT HOME: Specifically designed for women.
    • Instant, pain-free hair removal with a micro-oscillation trimmer under a micro foil head.
    • Thus the trimmer is safe and gentle on even the most sensitive skins.
  • USER FRIENDLY: Ideal for hair on bikini, abdomen, arms, armpits, legs, etc. It’s safe to use on any skin color or type.
  • GENTLE WITH YOUR SKIN: Very soft on the skin, remove your hair as often as you like. Different from traditional razors which can irritate your skin, produce red, inflamed pores or ingrown hairs.
  • TOUCH ACTIVATED SENSA-LIGHT: When the trimmer touches your skin the light will activate lighting the area you want to work on.
    • Its Sensa-Light will help you see hard to reach areas more clearly, getting the soft, silky skin you want.
  • LATEST TECHNOLOGY: the Finishing Touch Yes micro-oscillation technology removes unwanted hair quick and easily, without discomfort or irritation.
    • No more nicks, cuts, bumps, painful and expensive laser and electrolysis hair removal methods.
  • PORTABLE & BEAUTIFUL: Small and elegant design that fits in your hands for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.
    • Cordless and with a rechargeable lithium ion battery that is easy to carry around and use during your summer travels.
    • With a USB port to recharge it with its included wall charger, optionally plug it to your computer or any other USB charger.
    • The package also includes a cleaning brush, instructions, a micro-oscillation trimmer and smooth micro foil head.

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finishing touch yes hair remover touch activated sensa light and microscillation technology

This device does not remove the hair from the root, but it’s enough for me. You would have to pay more to get a device that does that. I’ve used epilators and tweezers before for my chin and cheeks and it’s painful. The Finishing Touch is completely painless and irritation free. I do have to use it twice a week but it’s worth it. My skin looks and feels better after using it. It has a good battery duration, one charge gets me several sessions for my needs. The product is definitely worth its price and I would recommend to anyone who is tired of using tweezers to remove chin hair.

Linda, GA


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What Is Micro Oscillation Technology?

In 1930, Jacob Schick, a Canadian Army Colonel, filed the first patent for an electric shaver. Mr. Schick believed that shaving could be improved over the wet shave process that was prone to cuts, inflammation and delays so common during the early 20th century. After much design and testing, he developed a micro blade design that oscillated against an aluminum foil, softly raising and cutting hair through its vibrations. This system could provide a dry, gentler shave removing the need for shaving cream or brushes. For the next two decades, Schick continued to improve the dry electric shaver, selling millions of units and legitimizing the market for the micro oscillating blade and foil technology.

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Micro Oscillation is Healthier & Better Than Epilation

Kurt Stenn, a biologist who’s studied hair for more than 30 years, is a hair follicle scientist who wrote the book “Hair: A Human History”. When asked if hair grows thicker after shaving, Stenn answered:

“When people shave their hair, at first, the skin feels smooth but then, after a day or two, they feel and see their hair grow back thicker or even darker”.

“What is really happening is that, the bottom portion of the hair shaft, has been cut at its thicker part. When that shaft has been recently cut, it is at skin level, feeling smooth to the touch. But, as soon, as it grows back, it feels thicker and even darker, but it is just that already thicker, and sometimes darker, part of the base of the hair shaft.”

So shaving hair removes the thinner part of the tip of the shaft, leaving behind its thicker base. As it grows, the follicle thins from wear seeming thicker-than-normal at first, thinning and wearing back to normal as the hair continues to grow.

But Why Is It Better than Epilation?

Stenn adds an interesting find:

“When you shave, wax or epilate your hair, if you roughen your skin and hair up, it will grow back quicker. We have proved this but haven’t proved it grows back thicker, I’d love this to be true because then balding should go away and, unfortunately, it doesn’t.”

That’s why epilation may seem a more practical and lasting solution, because you extract the hair from the root and its tip grows back already thin. But the stress epilating and waxing puts on your skin and hair follicles makes your hair grow back quicker and quicker eventually. Although hair epilation requires less sessions than shaving, a gentle micro oscillation technology is much better for your skin and hair health long term. It is also better than hair removal creams since these remove hair through a soft acid, which also put stress on your skin and hair.



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The Temptation of Counterfeit Finishing Touch Yes Devices

menacing pirate holding a dagger

The Finishing Touch Line of products is very successful and known by the public so, as expected, it didn’t take long for pirates to make counterfeit devices selling them as originals at a lower price.

I added this warning section not long after I started to offer this product when I received a message from a woman wanting to return her faulty device. Her Finishing Touch Yes stopped working not long after she purchased it, problem is, I didn’t have a record of her buying at my shop! I told her if she had the confirmation email I send all my clients after their purchase and then she remembered she learned about the Finishing Touch Yes at my website but later bought a counterfeit device elsewhere.

When I started to receive more messages with the exact same situation I decided to add this short section. If you’re reading this, I can only warn about faulty counterfeit devices and reiterate that the Finishing Touch Yes in my shop is built with quality materials, comes with a warranty and has a fast free shipping. Take all those factors into account when making your purchase decision.

Customer messaging me in my Facebook fan page wanting to return a knockoff finishing touch yes she purchased elsewhere but thought she bought at my shop.
Receiving many messages like this make me wonder if people really have such bad memory. At least they’re polite. 😉

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Finishing Touch Yes Hair Remover Precautions

  • Do not allow water to come in contact with the device. Instead use the included cleaning brush to clean the trimmer head.
  • Use of the Finishing Touch Yes Hair Remover on facial hair is not recommended on some women. This is because it can make facial hair appear coarser in women with already thick or very dark facial hair. As explained above is only temporary and fixable using their Finishing Touch Yes more often but, for some customers, temporarily having their hair appear coarser can be unacceptable.
  • This is because the hair gets cut close to the skin. Is thicker there, unnoticeable when close shaven, but noticeable when it grows back. The hair does not get coarser, it only appears so.
  • The difference is that a hair follicle that grows normally has a thin tip. A hair follicle that grows after being cut at its middle has a thicker tip. This makes the hair seem coarser than before.
  • If you have very coarse hair and you have this tendency with weekly trimming then use the device exclusively for your body hair or use it more often so you’re always close shaven.

Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Materials: ABS polymer (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), stainless steel.

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Looking for A Discreet Facial Hair Removal Solution?

  • For facial use I recommend the Finishing Touch Flawless which conceals a hair remover as a discreet lipstick. This makes it easy to conceal in your purse and use it anytime, anywhere.

Gorgeous blonde model removing her chin hair daily with the gentle Finishing Touch Hair Removal Pen

Finishing Touch Yes, with Superior Micro-Oscillation Hair Removal Technology

Gentle with Your Skin, Effective with Your Hair

You’ve already read all the benefits this little, elegant and discreet body hair remover has.

It is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to look flawless, anywhere, anytime.

Is quick & easy to use so you can do your hair removal at any moment; in the dressing room at beach, the gym, etc.

Check for yourself how useful this little device can be and order one today!



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