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Finishing Touch Hair Removal Pen. Facial Diamond Hair Remover

Finishing touch hair removal pen. Facial diamond hair remover that looks like a stylish & discreet lipstick. Women’s portable hair trimmer made of professional stainless steel. Gentle with your skin.



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Facial diamond hair remover, finishing touch hair removal pen

It allows to always be able to remove your facial hair quickly and without irritations.

  • Women’s portable hair trimmer made of professional stainless steel. Sturdy and stylish, with a white and gold rose design.
  • Gentle with your skin, elegant and discreet to carry with you anywhere. Keep your skin always smooth while looking as if you were using a lipstick.
  • Your best ally for achieving a soft and beautiful skin.

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Finishing Touch Hair Removal Pen Characteristics

Gorgeous blonde model removing her chin hair daily with the gentle Finishing Touch Hair Removal Pen

  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Plated in a gorgeous warm gold tone and a lacquered finish.
    • It could be mistaken for a stylish lipstick; discreet and elegant.
  • GENTLE ON YOUR SKIN: So soft and caring you can use it daily. Made with hypoallergenic materials.
    • Avoid traditional trimmers that are hard on your skin, making it dry and irritated or increasing the risk of the appearance of acne.
    • Any irritant to your skin can have a injurious effect on your hair follicles making your pores appear reddish and inflamed.
    • Ideal for when you don’t have the time to wax or don’t want to irritate your skin. No need to wait for hair regrowth.
  • SILKY SKIN ANYWHERE: Quick, discreet and softly trims women’s hair.
    • From the upper lip, cheeks, chin or arms and more for a perfect smooth skin anywhere, anytime.
    • Removes peach fuzz so your Make-up always looks fantastic.
  • PRECAUTION: This product is recommended for women with thin facial hair. It may not work on very coarse hair.
    • Please take your type of hair in consideration before buying this product.

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This device has improved my life. I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and one of its side effects is increased hair growth, which is quite a problem for a woman. I’ve tried many products to get rid of my facial hair but nothing has been so useful and easy as the finishing touch! Before I used a safety razor to shave my face but, although effective, I usually got razor burn, required careful use and took very long. With the finishing touch I can get a soft face in only 2 minutes! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone!

Ashley, FL

Finishing Touch Hair Trimmer for A Soft Glowing Skin

  • Softly removes hair quick & softly.
  • For all skin tones and types.
  • Avoid irritation, small cuts and redness from traditional razors.
  • Daily use, gentle on your skin.
  • Can use it without waiting for the hair to grow back.
  • Clean it in seconds.

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Benefits of The Finishing Touch Facial Diamond Hair Remover

Model turning on the finishing touch hair trimmer's light

  • Includes a small light for precise or low-light use. Have a ready skin anywhere.
  • Use it in the evening, inside your car, in a poor lighted bathroom, etc.
  • Never fear of missing some facial hair when trimming in a hurry.

I have peach fuzz and I HATE it. I’m always self conscious whenever I’m in the sunlight because it makes it stand out so I figured I’d give this device a try. I haven’t tested it on coarse hair so I can’t say how it works on anything but peach fuzz. In my case it worked so well! It’s small and convenient too!

Camille Grizzle, IN

Model showing how gentle and safe is the Finishing Touch Hair Removal Pen. Touching the trimmer feels like touching a lipstick case

  • Safe to touch, soft on your skin.
  • Special safety rotary blade technology glides over your skin flawlessly.
  • Hypoallergenic components.

Model storing her Finishing Touch Hair Removal Pen in her purse

  • Elegant, discreet and portable.
  • Modern design, can be mistaken for a stylish lipstick.
  • Gorgeous rose gold plating.

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Need A Hair Remover for Your Body Hair Which Is As Gentle As The Finishing Touch Pen?

Meet Finishing Touch Yes. It has a built in, touch activated Sensa Light & micro oscillation hair removal technology that will eliminate your body hair quickly, easily and without irritation.

Finishing Touch Diamond Hair Removal Pen. Superior Technology, Stylish Design

You’ve already read all the benefits this little, elegant and discreet diamond hair remover has.

It is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to always look flawless. You can even use it in public and seem like you’re using a lipstick.

Check for yourself how useful this little device can be and order one today!




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