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composition of three images of cristiano ronaldo statue, another in a white hoodie smiling a crooked teeth smile and a malformed jaw and another picture with a crooked smile with acne and both greasy skin and curly hair

Cristiano Ronaldo Statue Mirrors His Ugly Past, Teeth & Acne


Cristiano Ronaldo statue was revealed at a ceremony in the Portuguese island of Madeira to name its airport after him. Shortly after its inauguration it left soccer fans puzzled because the obvious lack of resemblance and even ugliness Cristiano Ronaldo statue had. But sculptor Emmanuel Santos representation of him may not be so far from the truth. Few know about Ronaldo’s beginnings and how he went through The Ugly Duckling story.

The cristiano ronaldo Statue made by Emmanuel Santos


  1. A Childhood of Poverty, Disease and Addictions
  2. Persevering in Soccer Despite His Illness. How in Success He Didn’t Forget His Friends
  3. Physical Improvements, Aiding The Sick & Less Fortunate
  4. How to Apply His Lessons & Success Into Your Life
  5. How I Got in Shape without Spending A Fortune Like Ronaldo
  6. Discover What Do You Really Want
  7. About The Alleged Abuses on Kathryn Mayorga
  8. How I Healed My Acne without Costly Dermal Treatments
  9. How I Found A Bit of Wisdom & Happiness

Poor and Humble Beginnings

Cristiano Ronaldo now is one of the richest soccer players in the world ranking 3rd on the Forbes list of the World’s Highest Paid Athletes in 2018. Five Ballons d’Or, five Champions League titles. A lifetime contract with Nike worth a whooping $1 billion, a growing number of deals with names like Herbalife, EA Sports, American Tourister. Cristiano Ronaldo statue seems a small achievement beside an increasing line of CR7 branded products including shoes, fragrance, underwear, jeans, a line of hotels and a line of restaurants in Brazil. On top of that he is the most popular athlete in the world with 322 million social media followers. With this background it would seem CR7 was born with a silver spoon in his mouth…

However his beginnings were most humble. He was born in poverty, in an island unknown for half of the world, Madeira, where Cristiano Ronaldo statue is. His physical change through the years is only comparable to fairy tales like The Ugly Duckling story and obtained with effort, discipline and humility forged by those hard beginnings. He spent not only a lot of money to fix his exterior but also hard work to improve his interior and maturity.

The majority of people don’t need to spend as much as Ronaldo did. It all starts with a bit of sport or exercise, freeing the mind of dark thoughts, have a clear objective in mind and divide the road to achievement into small steps. Gradually the mind clears through keeping the body busy and your attention focused on a hope. Through keeping a daily consistent work towards a goal despite how shaky the destiny or chance may make the ride. During this article you’ll learn how CR7 did it and by the end I will share some humble advice that I’ve learned about the road of self discovery and improvement.

Ronaldo in white smoking with his parents in a park of Funchal, his mountainous hometown
A child Ronaldo posing with his parents in his First Communion. A christian ceremony where Catholic children receive Eucharist

Cristiano was born February 5th of 1985 in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. Since an early age, his family economic situation was very limited. Like the ugly duckling he went through a complicated childhood until the inauguration of Cristiano Ronaldo statue took place in Madeira’s airport. His father had a liver disease that made him die when Ronaldo was only 20 years old. This made his mother the only family member able to work and bring money home. She worked as a cook and cleaner.

Close shot of Ronaldo with crooked and broken teeth wearing orthodontic braces and having an acne scarred skin.
During his youth Cristiano looked much different from today

During those years Cristiano had a passion: soccer. He played because it was one of the few things that made him happy. He played with his brothers. He loved soccer so much that he slipped through his bedroom window to play and not do his homework. His two sisters managed to live a relatively happy childhood as well but his brother wasn’t so lucky, as he grew older he fell prey of a drug addiction. This was devastating to Cristiano and promised he would never fall into an addiction like his father and brother. He built his target and hope from the only thing he was better than the other children. He was determined to become the best, spending many hours honing his skills and keeping his mind busy to avoid thinking about family problems. It would be a long road until the inauguration of that Cristiano Ronaldo statue in the island that saw him born.

Close shot of Ronaldo's face having a deformed smile, greasy curly hair and bulging cheeks
Cristiano during his first years as an amateur soccer player

Cristiano began his career in Andorinha club where his father worked as an equipment manager before falling prey to addiction and eventual illness. Cristiano managed to made a name for himself as a promising player. After shining in Andorinha, he joined ranks with National CD where he consolidated his name as one of the most promising young players in all Portugal. Eventually headhunters from Portugal capitol, Lisbon’s first team, came to watch a match where Cristiano and his mate Alberto Franlau played.

Not only his smile was crooked but his eyes and eyelids always looked inflamed and asymmetrical
His teeth reconstruction was long and expensive but, little by little, he managed to fix his smile

Both were the best players of the Andorinha so the headhunters said:

“The player who scores the most goals will go to Lisbon with us”.

Their team won 3-0, the first scored by Cristiano, Alberto made the 2nd. Then Alberto managed to get in front of the goalkeeper alone but he decided to pass the ball to Cristiano in that last moment so he made the 3rd goal. After the match Cristiano asked Albert:

Why you gave me your opportunity to go to Lisbon?” Alberto simply answered: “You are a better player than me.

Cristiano smiles wearing a Christian Croos at his neck and an open white shirt and black jacket
ronad The braces were the first step to correct his severely deformed smile

Years later, before the inauguration of Cristiano Ronaldo statue took place, a journalist found Alberto’s home and asked him if that story was true. He confirmed it and added that, in that day, his soccer career ended. He also told the journalist that he was currently unemployed but the journalist was puzzled because Alberto lived in a big house and had a good car, almost new. When the reporter asked how he managed to keep such a high standard of living, Alberto simply answered:

“All this is thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo.”

His skin still looks bad but, as his teeth, it improves little by little

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A Bright Future Ahead

In 1997, with only 12 years, he moved to Lisbon to play with Sporting Clube de Portugal, the capitol first team, where he played with its academy ranks. But with 15 years he went through a decisive event in his life and for his future. He still played with Lisbon’s team when he was diagnosed with a heart condition that could meant the end of his career.

Little by little his teeth were aligning and his smile improving. His cheeks look much less bulgy here because of the better position of his teeth
Despite his health, he kept always positive and happy to be living his childhood dream

His mother authorized laser surgery and all went well. He managed to recover full health and continue his dream of becoming a professional soccer player. Few days after the procedure he demanded to train with the team again like everybody else.

Cristiano posing for a mugshot of Sporting of Lisboa wearing its official colors; red, green and yellow
In these years a small change in his appearance starts to be noticeable

In 2003, Cristiano showed his talents to the world. The Manchester United, just after it transferred David Beckham to Real Madrid, played an exhibition game (or friendly) in Portugal with Lisbon Sporting. Fernando Santos, his former manager, let Cristiano play against Manchester UC. After Sporting won the match, several Manchester players demanded Ferguson to:

“Get that kid to join our team”.

With his smile almost fixed, a happy Cristiano decolorates the tip of is hair
Starting to experiment with his hairstyle

That same Summer, he joined Manchester United, using the number 7. Just after receiving his first paycheck he called his mother and asked her to quit her jobs and his brother to go to rehab with all expenses covered. He eventually rehabilitated from his addiction.

Cristiano with longer hair and his characteristic earrings
We start to see what he will become in the next years. His smile, skin and eyes look much better

He also bought a shop to his older sister in the most affluent neighborhood of Funchal and helped his younger sister Catia to start a career as singer. And although he couldn’t save his father he bought his mother a big house in Funchal where she can live comfortably for the rest of her life.

A much improved teen Ronaldo, with a better hairstyle and completely fixed teeth
His appearance during his last years in Portugal

In an interview with The Mirror journal he told:

“I wanted to have money for me and my family. We grew up with nothing because we were very poor. We didn’t have Christmas presents. I shared my bedroom with my brother and two sisters. The space was very small but we lived happily despite what we lacked. Now that we have it, I’m convinced that money by itself doesn’t bring happiness.”

Mugshot of a happy Cristiano with a completely fixed teeth and skin
By that time Cristiano’s skin looked much better and slightly tanned while his smile looks perfectly aligned and white

His hard origins and the addictions of his father and brother convinced him of the work and effort required to change his destiny. He believed in how anyone can make his own luck and decided to change both externally and internally. He never drinks alcohol and through exercise he changed his body and got more disciplined and resilient to addictive behavior.

Black and white Cristiano picture laying on an armchair and showing impressive abs
His training regime does not end with soccer. He has his own gym and puts it to good use

Apart from his soccer training regime in his childhood, he does 1k abs every morning, swimming and body-weight training. During his years in the Andorinha and National CD he got brackets to correct his crooked teeth. And when he started to earn more money he started more treatments.

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How He Sculpted His Own Cristiano Ronaldo Statue

In the Summer 2009, Cristiano was recruited by Real Madrid for 94 million Euros, approx. 112 million dollars. With the objective of become the best soccer player in the world, he also wanted to become the attractive man he never was in his teens.

Ronaldo raising hands in victory at Real Madrid soccer stadium wearing the official white uniform
Cristiano Ronaldo in his official presentation to Real Madrid fans

After a childhood of abuse by his schoolmates and rejection of girls, Cristiano went to surgery to repair his teeth and acne scarred skin. He had an ideal self in mind and sculpted that ideal self like a statue; through work, exercise and surgery.

Wearing a black smoking and followed by his couple
A very different Ronaldo enter a social event accompanied by his Spanish couple and mother of his child Georgina Rodriguez

His physical change has been expensive. As Sun diary claims, the soccer player spent more than $47k on his teeth, his nose and hairstyle to become more attractive. As experts assess, his forehead and eyes look smoother thanks to Botox treatments. These treatments cost an average of $3600 per year. There are doubts with respect his chin, now more squared. More evident is his permanent tan from UV sessions.

Cristiano posing with a soccer team mate, both with naked and sculpted torsos. The sculptor should have picked this photo as inpiration for his Cristiano Ronaldo statue
His days of a pale and sick skin are obviously gone after extensive care and UV treatment

But, although he transformed himself physically, he kept his compromise of becoming a better and more mature person. He regularly donates blood and bone marrow and visits children with leukemia and severe diseases in hospitals all over Portugal and Spain where he currently lives. For this reason he never had any tattoo because, with one, he would not have been allowed to donate blood.

Accompanied by a enthusiastic child with cancer
Cristiano at a hospital signing autographs for the sick children

One of the children he helped was a 9 year old kid from the Canary Islands who had a rare case of cancer in his brain which extended to his spine. Cristiano covered all the expenses of an experimental treatment for his type of cancer.

At his side is one of the kids saved from his leukemia thanks to a bone marrow transplant
At a conference talking about bone marrow donation for leukemia patients

Another of the many kids Cristiano has helped is a 10 month old baby who suffers a disease called cortical dysplasia. A severe sickness that provokes the small baby more than 30 epileptic attacks in a day. News of this baby reached Cristiano by a friend who asked him a pair of signed soccer shoes and T-shirt to auction in order to cover his medical costs.

With his mother at the hospital the baby chews Cristiano signed shoes
The child was too young to understand what was happening but nevertheless he knew how to appreciate Ronaldo’s signed shoes

Instead Ronaldo gave him that and two photographs, a poster and offered to cover all medical costs. On top of that he convinced all his teammates to donate personal signed items to the baby’s family.

Cristiano Ronaldo donating blood at a Spanish hospital. That the reason why he’d never got a tattoo like many soccer players as having one would make him unfit for blood donation

He has donated $35M to Somalia civil war relief, donates $119k yearly to the Red Cross. Auctioned one of his Golden Shoe awards to donate the funds to the American International School in Gaza which has been attacked by Islamic radicals since its opening in 1999 including bombing, looting and kidnapping. He also donated to the victims of Sept. 2017 Mexico earthquake.

Friendly posing at the gala with the three founders of this association. All wearing the palestinian scarf with its flag colors
Cristiano at the official auction of one of his Golden Shoe awards to help the schools of Gaza

Cristiano Ronaldo statue is not the only recognition he has received. During his career he was awarded with four Ballons d’Or prizes. Achieved in 2008 with Real Madrid; the 13th, 14th and 16th Champions League. His first title came when he played with Manchester United and the later three at Real Madrid. But the real awards can’t be measured with a Cristiano Ronaldo statue, Ballons d’Or or airports named after you.

Kissing his prize
Receiving a Ballon d’Or award at the FIFA Ballon d’Or ceremony

They are measured with the satisfaction and pride of achieving your dreams while not forgetting your origins and the commitments you made in your childhood. Knowing that despite the bad odds, like The Ugly Duckling story they forged your personality for the better.

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Conclusions Drawn from His Story of The Ugly Duckling

Forgetting about his wealth and his surface we can learn from him that a healthy and happy adult life requires work and commitment, not lots of money. Money is just a tool but character is invaluable because is what breeds success. Without a well forged personality and wisdom a person won’t have a well formed idea of know how to properly use that tool. Did you know up to 70% of lottery winners end bankrupt in the next five years? People tend to value more the money and success obtained through hard work but the real treasure is the wisdom gained in that process that allows you to replicate this success in the future.

A good place to learn how to start gaining experience and money is my article on how Legitimate Work from Home Jobs with no Startup Fee There you will have a wide selection of options to start learning and earning money on the side and also the option to work with me as an affiliate.

How I Got in Shape without Spending a Fortune Like Ronaldo

If you feel ugly like that controversial Cristiano Ronaldo statue you can change that no matter on what stage of life you’re at. Anyone can overcome bad odds in most circumstances by improving his own daily habits. Anyone can exercise daily at no cost, anywhere, like I do regularly through my own body weight, at home or doing street workout. I also use a power tower and it provides me with everything I need with my muscle growth. You can also choose to get a power tower calisthenics workout station for a fraction of the money a gym membership costs and get a full body workout at the comfort of your home.

Wearing a purple suit and tie Ronaldo does a thumbs up gesture while posing in a gala
A much different and happier Ronaldo than his teen years

In my opinion exercise is the foundation upon everything else is built on. Why? because exercise breeds willpower and willpower breeds discipline. You can make exercise as gradual as you like and, to me that was key to keep the discipline. Transform sport into a lifelong habit, not an activity you keep just for a couple of months.

Did you know that 80 percent of people who join a gym quit within five months? In my experience it is better start slow and do just a little bit each time gradually changing yourself with tiny bit changes in your brain structure. Regarding your own body, it is mind over matter because neurologists have demonstrated that you can literally shape your brain physically through consistent thoughts and actions.

Bit by bit, day by day I was able to achieve more with less effort. And most important, if I miss a day or even a week because of an emergency I don’t torture myself with self-deprecating thoughts. I clear your mind and do a bit of exercise when those thoughts comes to mind or take a walk. I focus in the present and just retake the routine as if nothing happened, readjusting the difficulty of the exercise as needed. Buddhism & meditation has helped me immensely to train my mind the same as my body.

Wearing glasses and a suit while watching a soccer match
His confidence comes from the rewards of hard work and perseverance

Discover What Do You Really Want

Focus on the present, on the task ahead and not on the long term, have realistic objectives, be honest with yourself and run your own race, compete against yourself.

Be honest: if you want to improve your attractiveness to women ask yourself why you need to feel desired? Wouldn’t it be better to not feel that need. Economize your focus and energy. Would it be better to spend that energy to build your career or other more important part of your life? To build a happiness that does not depend on validation? Use sport and exercise as a tool to improve your willpower and your health not your appearance.

To focus on appearance is an error and we tend to fool ourselves thinking we do it for other reasons but in reality there’s always a factor of appearance in exercise, it’s human nature. By experience I can tell you this:

If you expect to get muscular like film stars as Hugh Jackman or Chris Hemsworth you’re in for a real disappointment, even more if you’re fan of one of the many fitness stars that plague YouTube and magazines. Steroid use is more generalized than most people think. I will talk more about this in a future article. Here’s a quick image that will help you discern between a true natural bodybuilder and a fake one.

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On Kathryn Mayorga Alleged Abuses

The objectives you set must be wise, balanced and always develop your true self not feed your ego. If you focus on looks, money but not on wisdom or self control you end up badly sooner or later. No one is perfect and despite the achievements you’ve made you can always fall prey of foolishness or ego. A perfect example is Kathryn Mayorga rape accusation to Cristiano Ronaldo in Oct. 2018.

Apart from the non disclosure agreements they both may have signed, the true intentions of Ms. Mayorga or Ronaldo’s, etc. One thing is clear; he was neither wise nor self controlled that night. No money, achievements, status, lawyers or prizes helped him that night. At key moments in life a man or woman is alone with her most valuable possession: wisdom, discipline and a leveled head. Focus on the quality of your achievements more than the number of them.

A worried Cristiano Ronaldo besides his rape accuser, a smiling Kathryn Mayorga the night of the alleged crime
A clear example of how money, status and looks doesn’t bring happiness unless they are complemented with wisdom and self control

How I Healed My Acne without Costly Dermal Treatments

I learned to focus on the task ahead: for example I though about challenging myself to do 20 pushups tomorrow instead of thinking: “Man I’m still 40lbs from my ideal weight. I want to get like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson“. I set up doable objectives and, if the task that involved a long time span, I divided it into smaller tasks. For example my way of approach was:

How I can heal my acne without spending a fortune with a dermatologist? I will start analyzing my diet the 1st day, look for information online on what foods to avoid and what not to mix. Next I will develop a diet plan to detox my body and help my skin with it. Along the way I could use an acne extraction tool and a natural acne treatment cream to promote a faster healing of my existing pimples and prevent more appear. Next I will get tested for any food intolerance in case they are producing my skin symptoms.

Along my research I found new information and created more steps until, eventually, I healed my acne. I made my own natural soaps used frying oils and common healing herbs gathered outdoors. Anyone can make her own facial cream masks with clay and other materials and, for the lazy, anyone can also buy at a natural health store like mine. I offer an activated charcoal for acne bamboo & clay mask that is perfect for oily skins and will save you the effort of making your own mask. There are multiple choices, with information you can do anything with very few money. But only if you’re willing to put the work to make your own “The Ugly Duckling” story come true.

Posing with a Golden Ball award, wearing a blue suit and red tie. The ugly duckling story came true
The real award is not material but becoming a better person each day, little by little

How I Found A Bit of Wisdom & Happiness

The same happens with maturing and doing some good where you live. If you really want to make a difference while meeting admirable people who you can learn from and gain wisdom. You don’t need lots of money. You need something much more valuable which is willpower and an open mind. The will to get out of your home and do volunteer work. There are lots of associations with different activities and even those who let you travel and learn foreign languages and cultures like the Peace Corps

In my personal experience I know I’m not a perfect person by far but the things that have helped me become better the most have been exercise, setting an objective and volunteer work without a doubt. The key is to enjoy the journey and not the destination. Exercise made me a more disciplined and resilient person and volunteer work, although scary in the beginning, forced me to overcome my fears and meet new and interesting people. But most of all, setting objectives and organizing my efforts to achieve them is what put it all together in synergy. Daily work and healthy routines go a long way on transforming yourself for the better.

If you have questions about this process or want to share your own The Ugly Duckling story don’t forget to leave a comment below!

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