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Blackhead Extractor Vacuum Tool Great for Cystic Acne Extraction

Blackhead extractor vacuum. Also for any type of acne, pimple, extractor of white heads and safe cystic acne extraction for a clean skin with regular use.


· Skin Vacuum Cleaner · Hydration Device

Synergistic effect: skin hydration, exfoliation, cleansing & pore shrinking

Gentle & Deep

Skin Problems Are Getting More Common

All of us suffer from some sort of acne during our lives. It is most severe in teens but, for many adults, clogged pores and unhealthy skin keeps being a problem.

As we age our skin problems change, increasingly more people are suffering from chronic skin issues. Pollution and a demanding lifestyle takes its toll on our skin.

We know something is not working right in our bodies but it’s difficult to solve what exactly is causing the symptoms.

Acne flare-ups, whiteheads, open or clogged pores, scars, inflammation, oily or flaky skin, etc.

Maybe you suspect that this same makeup is worsening these problems but it’s necessary keep using it to cover the imperfections.

To find a solution and stop trying things that don’t work.

To have something easy and quick to use that can help your skin recover its natural balance?

Is it hard to resist the urge to squeeze pimples or whiteheads with your nails?

This leads to potential scars and spots, open pores and other skin imperfections.

This may seem like worrying too much but life sometimes has demanding and shallow situations.

A demanding work where image matters and a clear skin gives a good impression to clients and co-workers.

School bullies who mess with kids using their skin issues. This can cause they obsess too much over it wondering if their acne will stop eventually or become chronic, etc.

Introduction to The Cystic Acne Extraction Tool

Embedding of this video is allowed by YouTube Terms of Service Pt.6C Replacement sponges and blackhead tweezers not included Credit heyitsfeiii

A Blackhead Extractor Vacuum & Nebulizer That Solves Your Skin Problems

  • For any type of acne, pimples, whiteheads, etc.
  • Safe cystic acne extraction for a clean skin with regular use.
  • CLEAN PORES, SILKY SKIN: Impress your friends and acquaintances with a healthy and beautiful skin.
  • Feel confident and relaxed during your social meetings and prevent unpleasant last minute surprises using this acne, pimple blackhead extractor vacuum technology.
  • SAFE & EASY EXTRACTION: No more fears of bleeding, inflammation, skin injuries and scars!
  • A new skin rejuvenation method takes vacuum motor to suction out redundant sebum, blackheads and whiteheads from skin pores.
  • Its non-invasive skin treatment can gently remove white & blackheads, comedones, pimples and cysts by a soft suction, renewing your skin into a healthy, beautiful, glowing condition.

Its suction power, exfoliation capabilities and mist nebulizer makes this device unique. No other offers 4 effects in 1: hydration, cleansing, exfoliation & pore shrinking.

  • Blackhead Extractor Vacuum Tool Great for Cystic Acne Extraction
  • 4 DIFFERENT HEADS: microdermabrasion head for elbows, knees, ankles and face enlarged pores and blemishes. Small round head for chin and mouth areas. Elliptical head for hard to reach areas. Large round head for the T-area of your face, around eyebrows, forehead, nose, etc.
  • DEEP CLEANSING: the vacuum produces a gentle but persistent suction that will reach deep into the pore.
    • It will clean it and extract its contents thoroughly without leaving an open, dilated pore like traditional acne extraction tools.
  • PORTABLE & USER FRIENDLY: Its small cordless pen design and low weight makes it a pleasure to use and carry with you.
    • Powered by a single AA battery you can take it with you discreetly while traveling and keep using this tool daily for a radiant skin in every situation.
  • IMPROVE SKIN ABSORPTION: Optimize the effects of your daily skin care creams and lotions after cleaning your skin pores with this device.
    • Using it in combination with skin care products will promote cell activity, replenish nutrients and improve skin health.
    • For all skin types & colors. This device is usable on nose, forehead, cheeks and neck.

So How Much Do You Think It's Worth?