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Blackhead Extractor Vacuum Tool Great for Cystic Acne Extraction

Blackhead extractor vacuum. Also for any type of acne, pimple, extractor of white heads and safe cystic acne extraction for a clean skin with regular use.


· Skin Vacuum Cleaner · Hydration Device

Synergistic effect: skin hydration, exfoliation, cleansing & pore shrinking

Gentle & Deep

Skin Problems Are Getting More Common

All of us suffer from some sort of acne during our lives. It is most severe in teens but, for many adults, clogged pores and unhealthy skin keeps being a problem.

As we age our skin problems change, increasingly more people are suffering from chronic skin issues. Pollution and a demanding lifestyle takes its toll on our skin.

We know something is not working right in our bodies but it’s difficult to solve what exactly is causing the symptoms.

Acne flare-ups, whiteheads, open or clogged pores, scars, inflammation, oily or flaky skin, etc.

Maybe you suspect that this same makeup is worsening these problems but it’s necessary keep using it to cover the imperfections.

To find a solution and stop trying things that don’t work.

To have something easy and quick to use that can help your skin recover its natural balance?

Is it hard to resist the urge to squeeze pimples or whiteheads with your nails?

This leads to potential scars and spots, open pores and other skin imperfections.

This may seem like worrying too much but life sometimes has demanding and shallow situations.

A demanding work where image matters and a clear skin gives a good impression to clients and co-workers.

School bullies who mess with kids using their skin issues. This can cause they obsess too much over it wondering if their acne will stop eventually or become chronic, etc.

Introduction to The Cystic Acne Extraction Tool

Embedding of this video is allowed by YouTube Terms of Service Pt.6C Replacement sponges and blackhead tweezers not included Credit heyitsfeiii

A Blackhead Extractor Vacuum & Nebulizer That Solves Your Skin Problems

  • For any type of acne, pimples, whiteheads, etc.
  • Safe cystic acne extraction for a clean skin with regular use.
  • CLEAN PORES, SILKY SKIN: Impress your friends and acquaintances with a healthy and beautiful skin.
  • Feel confident and relaxed during your social meetings and prevent unpleasant last minute surprises using this acne, pimple blackhead extractor vacuum technology.
  • SAFE & EASY EXTRACTION: No more fears of bleeding, inflammation, skin injuries and scars!
  • A new skin rejuvenation method takes vacuum motor to suction out redundant sebum, blackheads and whiteheads from skin pores.
  • Its non-invasive skin treatment can gently remove white & blackheads, comedones, pimples and cysts by a soft suction, renewing your skin into a healthy, beautiful, glowing condition.

Its suction power, exfoliation capabilities and mist nebulizer makes this device unique. No other offers 4 effects in 1: hydration, cleansing, exfoliation & pore shrinking.

  • Blackhead Extractor Vacuum Tool Great for Cystic Acne Extraction
  • 4 DIFFERENT HEADS: microdermabrasion head for elbows, knees, ankles and face enlarged pores and blemishes. Small round head for chin and mouth areas. Elliptical head for hard to reach areas. Large round head for the T-area of your face, around eyebrows, forehead, nose, etc.
  • DEEP CLEANSING: the vacuum produces a gentle but persistent suction that will reach deep into the pore.
    • It will clean it and extract its contents thoroughly without leaving an open, dilated pore like traditional acne extraction tools.
  • PORTABLE & USER FRIENDLY: Its small cordless pen design and low weight makes it a pleasure to use and carry with you.
    • Powered by a single AA battery you can take it with you discreetly while traveling and keep using this tool daily for a radiant skin in every situation.
  • IMPROVE SKIN ABSORPTION: Optimize the effects of your daily skin care creams and lotions after cleaning your skin pores with this device.
    • Using it in combination with skin care products will promote cell activity, replenish nutrients and improve skin health.
    • For all skin types & colors. This device is usable on nose, forehead, cheeks and neck.

So How Much Do You Think It's Worth?

To have solution for these problems?
  • To have a way to prevent enlarged pores, blackheads, occasional or frequent acne, etc. despite your age or gender.
  • To reduce the possibilities of getting scars and reducing existing blemishes.
  • To stop obsessing over it all; flare-ups, information overload, DIY solutions, cleaning, social life, etc.
  • An easy to use natural treatment to improve your skin health, enhancing its natural beauty and radiance without the need of make-up?

Customer Experiences Using The Cystic Acne Extraction Tool

  • Amazing product. My skin is really oily. Especially my nose with ugly blackheads. I tried many to remove them; cleansers and strips, DIY blackhead removers, etc.

    This cystic acne suction tool has worked wonders on my nose. Never seen it so clean before, as a result, I don’t have to wear that much make-up anymore to cover them up.

    Recommended it to my family as well. I am 27, so my skin is pretty tight and it didn’t cause much bruising or redness, however, on more aged skin it does. By the next day or even a couple of hours, it goes away. I would totally recommend this product to everyone!



  • This is awesome! On first try, I thought this cyst extraction tool didn’t do much, BUT after learning about the different suction levels needed for the different areas of my face, I worked much better. After using this tool 3 times the results are great; reduced pores, less flare-ups. Now my skin looks and feels much better.

    Note: use just after warming to open the pores. The skin should be just slightly moist for suction, but not wet. A completely dry or wet face is a no-go. I noticed it on 2nd try. If wet, there is either too much suction or the tool slides not doing much. On a completely dry face, you probably will mark your face and your pores won’t be open enough to release their uninvited guests easily. I’ve been able to do this without redness, swelling, or lines. I follow immediately with a cold rinse, then use witch hazel as a toner. My face is very happy now. Trial and error worked best for me.



  • From my experience pores can be problematic. I have large pores and easily develop blackheads. This cyst suction tool will suck those right out of your face using a gentle air vacuum to pull your skin up and remove impurities found inside the pores. It comes with 4 different heads, one for dermabrasion enhancing skin’s tone and texture more effectively than other devices that don’t do dermabrasion or skin hydration.

    If you are looking for the best cystic acne extraction tool, this is the one for you. The device feels well made and of quality materials and the built in battery lasts for long. My Conclusion I’m loving it. I 100% recommend it. Best pore vacuum extractor for the price.



Evidence Proving The Effectiveness of Vacuum & Dermabrasion Technology

  • Vacuum & Light Technology Study
  • Photopneumatic Therapy Study
  • Aquapressure Study

Photoneumatic Technology for The Treatment of Acne Vulgaris

Marc Anderson MD et al. published a study about the treatment of over 100 patients with acne using a new light & vacuum device. Patients were treated with mild to moderate acne vulgaris, including pustular, comedonal, and inflammatory variants.

Post two treatments the majority of patients noted a reduction in the number and severity of lesions, an improvement in the overall redness, a reduction in oiliness and improvement of texture of the skin. Treatment providers noted a very dramatic reduction in blackheads and whiteheads that they had previously been unable to treat. Patients were extremely satisfied with treatment outcomes and did not wish to return to previous treatments they tried before. [3]

Light & Vacuum Devices Improve Acne

Haw-Yueh Thong et al. published a study in the Journal of Dermatological Sciences & Applications. It said that Light and vacuum devices, also known as photopneumatic therapy, have been shown promising as a generally well-tolerated adjunctive treatment of acne vulgaris.

These scientists conducted a clinical study using such device to assess the efficacy and safety as an adjunctive treatment of acne in Taiwanese patients. They showed improvement in reduced acne formation, redness, reduced and uniformized pigmentation and pore reduction. [2]

Slight Dermabrasion Combined with Water Study

A study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery by Marc Divaris proved how is possible to improve the texture of the skin with only a slight dermabrasion combined with the use of water, moisturizing and antioxidant agents and natural extracts. [1]

Directions for Correct Blackhead Extractor Vacuum Use

  • Use after using the device’s steamer for some time to open the pores. Use it enough to let your face moisturized but not completely wet since it will help the cyst suction tool to work better on your skin.
  • Turn on the cystic acne extraction device, apply it to the target area and move it back and forth during 1-2 minutes for the first time.
    • Slowly increase the duration of the session up to 5 minutes maximum.
    • If you need more time divide the areas to treat between different days.
  • Have patience and don’t exceed the recommended session time, it won’t bring faster results.
    • It gets slightly worse before it gets better but it’s worth it!
    • Please do not leave the suction cup for too long on one place. Despite this a light bruising & redness is completely normal in the beginning.
  • It can take from 2 to 4 weeks of three sessions per week until you see consistent results. Please be patient and always keep your skin nurtured & moisturized. For this purpose I have a wide variety of skincare products that will help you on this regard.

Precautions for The Use of The Cystic Acne Extraction Pen

  • Please read the user manual before using the product.
  • Do not expose the device to liquids or detergents.
    • Clean it with a soft moist gauze or tissue and a mild disinfectant.
    • DO NOT use methanol for cleaning the device.
  • It is completely normal that light bruising may be present for the first 2 days of use. Your skin will get back to normal in a short time.
  • Each session should last a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • An effective suction system will cause some form of discomfort before you may be able to see results.
  • Please don’t get discouraged by the early bruises.

Ready for A Healthy & Youthful Skin?

The perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones easy quick to use, just a couple of 3 to 5 min. sessions per week you can heal and prevent many skin problems.

To improve the effect and get a more complete deep & thorough treatment, you can combine this cystic acne extraction tool with other skincare products available in my store.

Also check my Acne Treatment Natural Skin Care Routine Pack which will improve the effects of this device.

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You've already read the science facts and testimonials about this cystic acne extraction tool.

Check its benefits for yourself and see what it can do for your skin.