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Acne Extraction Tool Pimple Antibacterial Surgical Stainless Steel

Blackhead, Comedone & Pimple Extractor. Treatment for Pore Inflammation, Avoid Blemishes. Pop Your Whiteheads Safely Before They Get Worse!


Acne extraction tool Surgical golden steel

Have you ever had undesired pimples or blackheads?

All of us suffer from some sort of acne; blackheads, also known as comedones, as well as sore pimples throughout our lives, most of it during our teens and older ages too.

Do you take good care of your skin health?

Despite our best efforts: skin hygiene, diet, creams, we eventually end up having unhealthy pores. Sometimes these worsen into sore pimples or even cystic pustules for many unfortunate people.

How to Correctly Use The Tools

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All these solutions work great at prevention but once the pore is inflamed they can’t extract the pus from it.

Dermatologists agree that to promote the healing of a pimple it needs a good balance between: hygiene, reduce inflammation and extract its pus. Creams and soft soaps can help with inflammation and hygiene but is hard to extract the pore’s content avoiding lesions and inflammation.

This ends up slowing the healing of a pimple much more than it could with a safe extraction method. Up to two weeks for the most common comedones.

That’s one of the reasons why we can’t resist the urge to squeeze them with our nails before they are ready.

Common sense tells us we shouldn’t squeeze and wait until it comes out by itself but it’s hard to resist the days that must have to pass until it happens.

Especially it’s hard to socialize knowing we have one and it will attract undesired attention! Makeup can hide pimples but applying it over an ill and sore pore will slow its healing even more.

  • Comedone Pustule Study
  • Korea Clinics Observations

To The Rescue of Comedone Extractors in Acne Microsurgery

In 2004 at the Clinical Hospital College “Dr. Francisco A. Figueroa Veliz” develop the next clinical study.

Out of 100 patients between 12 and 22 years of age of both sexes, 72% presented comedones, followed by 25% presenting pustules and a 3% presenting cysts.

98% of patients recovered better and faster using an acne extraction tool than with traditional treatment and only 2% of the patients didn't recover or their pores got sick again after treatment. [1]

Sebaceous Hyperplasia Effectively Improved by the Pin-Hole Technique with Squeezing

At the Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine and Kangskin Clinic in Seoul, Korea several patients with sebaceous hyperplasia were treated with an acne extraction tool.

Doctors observed a fast healing of the pores, less than 10 days and the skin kept healthy after 3 months of the treatment. They concluded that the use of a comedone extractor improves healing rate and decrease the possibility of pores getting sick after treatment. [2]

How much do think it's worth?

  • To have a solution for these problems. To promote a faster healing of the most annoying pimples, down to 4 days instead of two weeks!
  • Having a way to squeeze your pores when you get that urge without hurting your skin. Even protecting it when your pore isn’t ready to squeeze.
  • In this case if you apply a gentle pressure with the surgical grade steel comedone extractor set it won’t come out anything but it won’t inflame and hurt the pore. You can use this acne extraction tool set with confidence even when you are unsure if your pore is ready.
  • How much it costs to have a new way to improve your skin health, enhancing its natural beauty and radiance? How about avoiding getting a scar or open pore because of a silly mistake using your nails where you shouldn’t?

Great quality, very good indeed! This acne extraction tool set has incredible hardness! I have a thick skin and tend to press the tools more than I should and I can confirm they are very hard to bend or dent. I’m quite impressed of the value I got for its price!


Lifeguard, Brazil

The description is consistent with the acne extraction tool set I received. The pieces are beautiful and work as advertised. I use warm water to open my pores to use the tools more easily. Simple and easy to use. Highly recommended for its price!


Housewife, IL

Take care of your skin and reap the rewards

Be more confident and happy in your social meetings and worry no more of a worsening pimple or unaesthetic blackhead. If you have teen children, educate and provide the means for them to take good care of their skin health.

We brush and floss our teeth everyday, we visit our dentists for revisions every six months and more. Why don’t we pay the same attention to our skin?

The more you use it, the more you will learn and you will be able to treat and heal your skin problems faster and better in time. With the pictures and diagrams on this page you will have all that you need to start treating your pimples and blackheads using this acne extraction tool set. With the instructional video above you will learn how to use the set of comedone extractors even better!

Ideal for seniors' skin care too!

The acne extraction tool set not only provide treatment for removing blackheads, acne, pimples and cysts from your face safely and easily. You can use it to extract those characteristic drier blackheads and pimples from the back which are especially annoying among seniors.

Among these people, untreated blackheads can degenerate into sebaceous cysts which are hardened dry fat accumulation commonly the size of a pea or cherry!

In these cases only surgical extraction by a dermatologist can work so it is better to prevent and extract any blackhead from the back before it eventually worsens.

What makes these acne extraction tools special?

For an acne extraction tool set you will use often you don’t just want hygiene and precision. You want to have style too.

Its alloy steel is not only stainless, surgical grade and bactericide but also has a rose gold lacquer which shows a touch of luxury and elegance.

This lacquer avoids that cold, impersonal, out of a medical clinic appearance, that has non coated, gray surgical steel.

It adds warmth and comfort to the task of extracting your blackheads and treating pimples.

The steel which the acne extractor tools are made is professionally plated with an antibacterial coating that won’t cause sensitivities. This will minimize the risk of infection and allergies in any type of skin.

Each acne extraction tool has an etched anti-slip handle design that aids you having a better control of the pressure during use.

You will be able to do every step with great grip and precision thus avoiding damage to your skin.

So discreet and portable you can carry the tool case in your pocket or handbag for quick use, whenever you need it.

The included storing case keeps the acne extraction tool set safe, clean and conveniently packed for transport or storage. It will keep the tools fixed while carrying them with you.

Acne Extraction Tool Guidelines

  • Caution: correct use of the tools is required, avoid over using any acne extraction tool before the acne has matured, be patient. Test if the pimple is ready applying a gentle pressure, if nothing comes out it is not ready yet.
  • Improving your skill using the comedone extractors will help to heal your skin faster and better. Avoid applying huge pressures, it won’t help. Instead rely on skill and be gentle, the pore contents will come out with the correct angle and gentle rocking rather than higher pressure.
  • If you are starting to learn and your pores get very red and inflamed stop, watch some videos of professionals using comedone extractors and try another day. Disinfect all tools and your skin with rubbing alcohol before and after each use.
  • For most cystic acne extraction we recommend you consult with a certified doctor or nurse since removing this type of cysts requires skill and knowledge. With proper skills these tools can safely extract some small cysts safely. Without knowledge and skill, they can cause more harm than good in these specific cases.
  • Carefully follow the instructions.

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This set of acne extraction tools is as small as its price

Although small, this acne extraction tool set provide a high number of benefits and value. It's great to have a quick and safe solution each time we get one of those sore pimples that seem to take forever to heal!

The perfect gift for yourself, partner or children. Prevent potential facial scars and blemishes. Fixing those scars in the future will be much more expensive than having a correct prevention.

If you add the 5% discount code you get when you sign up for my newsletter, its price is just irresistible!

Check for yourself what this Acne Extraction Tool Set can do for you & your loved ones.