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Shipping & Returns


  1. Payment
  2. Shipping
  3. Returns and Warranty


My store currently supports the most popular payment gateways in USA, Europe and Asia so you can make your purchases in confidence with your bank of choice, adding its security to your transactions with me.

My supported payment options and secured platforms are:

  • Paypal
  • Credit card
  • Cryptocurrencies (To encourage adoption of crypto I offer an additional 3% discount on top of the existing ones)
    • Bitcoin
    • Litecoin
    • Ethereum and USDC stablecoin
  • Google & Apple Pay
  • Alipay

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You never have to pay for shipping, guaranteed. In some cases, select or heavy items will be available for shipping only to continental USA. You spend enough on your products and you don’t want to spend more on shipping. The only exception is special or promotional/free items where I may charge a delivery fee.

Your package will be handled by an experienced distributor. My objective is to offer the best quality and buying experience and I carefully choose the shipping companies I work with. All meant for your convenience and a hassle free shipping to your location.

A rough estimation of the shipping time to your location is:

    • Continental USA, Canada – 15 to 25 days
    • Rest of the countries – 20 to 40 days

    After you make your purchase and I process the order I will send you an email update with a more accurate time of arrival within said margins.

    I’m continually working towards reducing my shipping times and these estimations are worst case scenario, usually you will receive your package sooner. This is because, as I explain in “The Motivation & Ethics Behind My Store”, I work only with ethical manufacturers who value their workforce, reputation and products. Shipping times may be different depending on your location but the product quality and price worth it.

    After making an order with me the process will be as follows:

    1. After your purchase you will receive a notification when I have received your funds. If not, please check your spam folder and mark my address as safe or you may miss future notifications about your order.
    2. After that notification I will be processing your order and making the necessary arrangements to fulfill it.
    3. Finally you will receive a last notification when the order processing is complete and your product has been dispatched to your location. This last email will have a more accurate shipping time and may come with a tracking code so you can know where your package is located during its trip.
    4. In case your receive a tracking code then you will be able to see updates of your package’s location while it is on its way to you. If its location does not update for several days, do not worry, it means only that the shipping company forgot to update the location information. The package is still on its way to you and they will update its location eventually.
    5. Most shipping companies offer an automatic update service so you will be able to choose if you want to be notified by SMS or email when the company is about to deliver the package to your home or it is ready for pickup at your local post office.
    6. Do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any question or suggestion while you wait for your order, replying to the email address from where you receive my notifications and updates or through the contact form.

    In conclusion, I try to work with companies that have the same values as me. Honest values and good reputation which I strive to convey and associate with the  name “Find Good Health”. All in order to offer everyone who visits me the best experience, price and quality possible.

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    Returns & Warranty

    For all my products I offer a full 6 month warranty. All sales are final. Refunds or exchanges are not accepted. The only exception is if I make an error with the order, in the unusual event your order arrives damaged or the product malfunctions during the warranty period.

    If that happens, follow the next step by step process:

    • First of all, double check you made your purchase with me. Check your email inbox (deleted and spam folders as well) and search for the order confirmation email I send to all my clients.
    • When you find it, check I sent it less than 6 months ago and only then reply to the email carefully detailing the nature of your problem. If the email is older than 6 months you’re out of the warranty period.
    • If you positively do recall receiving an email from me, with my branding and logo, but can’t find it and you’re still in the warranty period then contact me through the live support chat option or the messaging system in the contact page and write me the name you used when you ordered so I can look for it in my client database.
    • In case you are in my client database and in the warranty period I will tell you how to send me proof of how the product is damaged or defective.
    • After I verify the proof provided, I’ll contact you in the next days with information about how I’m solving the incidence.

    Please ensure you have thoroughly read and understood these conditions and shipping times before making a purchase or doing any reclamation. Also contact me with any issue you may have before leaving negative feedback to purchased products. I aim to offer great customer support and I’ll solve any problem you may have as soon as possible, to the best of my abilities.

    I’d be appreciated as well if, in case you have any suggestion for my website or you encounter a minor problem or annoyance, take the time to report your suggestions detailing your experience. Small as it may seem to be, it will help me to improve my quality of service.

    Thank you for your patience taking the time to read these conditions. I want you to perfectly understand the information in this page, it is necessary given the difficulty of offering worldwide shipping and how shipping times can vary depending on your country and the product purchased.

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