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  • I’m interested in a certain product but I don’t see it on your website. Can you get it?
    • You can send me a suggestion with the products you’re interested in at the contact form below and I’ll see if I can add them to the shop catalog. I will notify you by mail if that happens.
  • How is the purchasing process in your store?
    • After making an order with me the process will be as follows:
      1. After your purchase you will receive a notification when I have received your order and I will be processing it as soon as I receive confirmation of your payment. If you don’t see this email in your inbox please check your spam folder and mark my address as safe or you may miss future notifications about your order. Also if you can’t see any images in my emails, select the option “show remote content” if available.
      2. In the next 1-6 working days you will receive another notification that the shipping company has processed your package and dispatched it to your location. This last email may come with a tracking code so you can know where your package is located during its voyage.
  • International shipping?
    • I offer free shipping worldwide. As mentioned above, delivery times will change depending on the destination country.
    • I may charge shipping fees on special, promotional and/or free items.
  • How can I take advantage of future discounts or promotions you do?
    • Apart from the discount codes I already have, when you sign up for my newsletter and for purchases superior to $50 & $100, you can give my Facebook Page a Like and choose “See First” in the “Following” button. This way you won’t miss any Page update so whenever I run a new promo you will be the first to know.
  • Will I receive my products in a single package?
    • Only in case you order several units of the same product otherwise it is not likely. In order to offer the best prices I work with different manufacturers and suppliers so most of the time you will receive your products in single packages and probably in different days.
    • In case you have a tight schedule and you can’t be at home when your package arrives you will be able to pick your delivery at your local post office.
  • Should I need to worry about customs duties?
    • The shipping companies I work with handle everything on that regard. For USA, UK, most of EU, Canada and Australia there will be no additional customs duties.
    • I can’t assure you won’t encounter customs duties in some select countries not mentioned above but it will happen very rarely. In those exceptional cases the shipping company will handle them and can bill you the extra costs you may incur when the package arrives.
    • If you live in a country with a very strict import legislation and want to calculate how much could be your import duties in a worst case scenario you can calculate them in any import duty calculator like
  • How can I track my order?
    • After your payment is effective, expect a mail with your tracking number in 2 to 6 business days.
    • In very special cases the tracking information may not update for several days but don’t worry, it is still on its way. In those cases the shipping company just forgets to update its status.
  • Can I quote you or take parts of one of your articles for my website?
    • Yes but please just follow the guidelines I posted in the page “Healthy Living Tips“. Scroll down until you see the “How to Properly Quote Find Good Health” section. If you intend to steal parts or whole articles for your own website without proper attribution be warned that I run search algorithms to find these kind of websites and fill a DMCA complaint to Google.
  • How can I check the validity of what you claim in your articles or products?
    • The claims in my articles and the advantages of the products in my store always are accompanied of a link to the source I refer to make a claim or describe a benefit.
    • I encourage my readers to visit these links and check for themselves their validity. Also check, investigate your own sources and scientific articles to make an informed decision always. It involves more work and it’s a sadly uncommon but healthy trait to investigate everything by yourself before trusting in any random claim or catchy headline.

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Use the messaging system below in order to contact me with any question, feedback and suggestion you may have. I’ll be appreciated if you get in contact with me as it will allow me to improve my services.

I will do my best to answer email Mon through Fri once per day at 12 pm EST. Thank you very much and look forward to speaking with you.

If you are a customer or subscriber, in order to contact me, reply to any email you have received from me. This way I will be able to answer you much faster than through the next contact form.


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