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About Me

What Inspired Me to Start Find Good Health

With a background in physics and mathematics, my interest in natural medicine started out of necessity.

After two years of suffering a deteriorating health and having multiple diagnostic tests, my gastroenterologist finally gave a chronic disease diagnosis when I was eighteen. Mainstream medicine has the flaw of depending on luck finding a truly vocational doctor, who has a deep knowledge of her trade and truly cares about his patients.

This small minority will enjoy the challenge of a poorly known disease and will try her best to find therapies that improves her patient’s symptoms. Unfortunately my case was that I met several doctor who only cared about doing a quick prescription after diagnosing the patient, no follow-up and no lifestyle recommendations besides medication dosages.

After he told me what disease I had I asked, “So, how can I cure it then, what treatment should I follow?”. The old doctor sentenced: “Your disease has no cure and is chronic. Your only option is these drugs which will lower your symptoms“. After that, he offered no help at all about where I could find support groups or hospital units with more experience in my disease.

He only prescribed medication and sent me on my way. After months taking those drugs, my symptoms worsened and, after making a new appointment and telling him about it, he simply said that I should raise the dosage and lower my stress.

Doctor sitting at an old hospital office from the 70s with an haughty expression while he writes a prescription

After that I knew I needed to find other sources of information if I wanted to reduce my symptoms. So it then began my search for alternative ways to improve my health. To be able to cope with college and build my career without worrying about crippling pain and symptoms.

What started as a necessity transformed into a passion. My eyes opened to what mainstream medicine flaws are. To a different world where there is true and genuine science. Where there aren’t monetary gain concerns, only the well-being of patients and, most importantly, a world where our own health is more dependent on our own discernment and research, not the sentence of doctors.

What I’ve Learned During This Journey

I must admit that it is a difficult learning journey but most rewarding. I learned to take responsibility for myself and apply what I was learning about research in college to fact-check health claims and find reliable information, search scholarly resources and test things out myself.

I learned that disease diagnosis has much detective work, I must pay close attention to my lifestyle and the changes in it and my environment before I developed the symptoms I was trying to diagnose.

man searching for clues with a magnifying glass in a comic manner

This is the most difficult part of preserving a great health and preventing disease, once I got the culprit of my symptoms it was easier to eliminate it, changing my lifestyle to avoid it. Afterwards it was easier to find therapies that helped me reduce or revert the damage on my health.

These two things, diagnosis and therapy are relatively easy in theory but a lot of work in practice. As a result in my own experience I have met very few people face-to-face who are truly willing to take responsibility for their own selves and do the work required to recover. Even those complaining of having a bad health and suffering.

female electroacupuncturist trying traditional acupuncture on the left shin of a patient

What I’ve observed is that the majority of people seem to want a magical cure-all pill. To improve their health without changing their bad habits. Most of my articles offer effective and fact-checked therapies to improve many health problems but will require work to learn and to apply to yourself. The fact you are reading this about page means you belong to that minority willing to put the effort and enjoys a scientific approach to health.

One of the most important things this path has taught me is that true health comes from a preventive, daily work more than a short restorative one. Like in Aesop’s fable “The Tortoise & The Hare” many people want to lose weight and thus start a diet. They keep at it for weeks or even months but very few are truly willing to make the permanent lifestyle and diet changes needed to keep a genuine healthy weight for the rest of their lives. In my humble opinion, this bitter truth about human nature makes open-minded, responsible people scarcer but more resilient and consistently happier long term.

An illustration of Tortoise & Hare speaking before the race by Arthur Rackham from Caleb's Fables, 1912

My goal founding Find Good Health is to help people that, like me, need to learn about different and reliable therapies, about lifestyle changes that will effectively improve their health. To learn what myself and many others discovered: “our health depends on our own knowledge and willpower to apply it, not what anybody with authority tell us”.

Popular wisdom says that going through hard times make people mature and gain wisdom. Maybe because experience is a stern teacher always giving the answer after the test. If I can help people, even if only a tiny bit, before their own life tests, I will achieve one of my most important goals when I created Find Good Health.