Dan Escobar

Dan EscobarWith a background in physics and mathematics, Daniel interest in natural medicine started out of necessity.

After two years of suffering a deteriorating health and having multiple diagnostic tests, his doctor finally gave a chronic disease diagnosis when Dan was eighteen.

His doctor’s words were: “Your disease has no cure. Your only option is these drugs which will lower your symptoms“. Instead, after months of taking those drugs, his symptoms worsened.

So it then began his search for an alternative to improve his quality of life and be able to cope with college and building a future without worrying about crippling pain and symptoms.

What started as a necessity transformed into a passion. His eyes opened to what mainstream medicine flaws are and to a different world where true and genuine science is the norm, where there aren’t monetary gain concerns, only the wellbeing of people.

But most importantly, a world where your own health is more dependent on your own discernment and research, not what doctors tell you.

He must warn that this is a more difficult path but most rewarding. People who start it must learn to take responsibility for themselves and do their own work. Compare reliable information, search scholarly resources and test things out.

In his own experience he has found that very few people are truly willing to take responsibility for their own selves, although complaining of bad health. And following what society teach us most people seem to want a magical cure-all pill, hedonism without work.

One of the most important things this path has taught him is that true health comes from a preventive, daily work more than a short restorative one. For example, many people want to lose weight and start a diet. They keep at it for weeks but very few are truly willing to make the permanent lifestyle and diet changes needed for maintaining a true healthy weight for the rest of their lives.  In Dan’s opinion, this bitter truth about human nature makes open-minded, responsible people scarce but more valuable.

His goal founding Find Good Health is to help suffering people and point them to this path. Help people improve their health and not depend on anyone but themselves.

Popular wisdom says that surviving hard times makes people mature and gain wisdom because experience is a stern teacher as it gives the answer after the exam. If Dan can help people, even if only a bit, before their own life exams, he will achieve another of his goals with Find Good Health.