Health and Nutrition I: Introduction

Health and Nutrition I: Start Eating Healthier

We all have thought once or twice “I should start to eat healthier and more active”. Specially at the beginning of the year, after the festivities. Most of the time incorporating health and nutrition tips and knowledge to our daily lives isn’t easy. Each health website or magazine has its own rules, dietitians only give broad recommendations or make too restrictive diets.

Unfortunately there’s a reality few people want to admit. Recommending and selling food supplements is a business, even preparing a diet for a client. If someone solves all food related issues of a client in one visit that would not be profitable. On top of that it is a business plagued with myths and false beliefs and it is blooming because of the progressive degradation of our eating habits.

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List of Vitamins and Supplements. Water and Fat Soluble Vitamins

List of vitamins: reference guide of vitamins and its properties

In this article we will make a list of vitamins and supplements, what chemical names are they known by, explain what is the difference between fat soluble vitamins and water soluble vitamins, what benefits they have for human health and some tips to know in which cases you will benefit from their health properties and which sources you should trust when taking vitamin supplements and what to do if you have vitamin deficiencies.
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